Annie Murphy’s new AMC series Kevin Can F ** k Himself seems like a toxic marriage story on the surface, but it confronts the trope with a feminine focus.

Annie Murphy’s new AMC series, Kevin can fuck himself, It may seem like a toxic marriage story on the surface, but it really focuses on how women can be their own heroes. The series, a twist on the classic sitcom dynamic, follows Allison (Annie Murphy), a woman who is grappling with the realization that her adorable husband is actually a destructive manipulator. The show apparently operates in two different universes, one where Kevin’s antics are greeted with laughter and adoration, and another where Allison leaves the stage lights of the sitcom and can see Kevin for the man he really is. From there, her growing awareness of her own misery at the hands of her husband leads her down a dark path that couldn’t be further from the comfort of a laugh.

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The first eight-episode season of Kevin can fuck himself premiered on AMC Plus on June 13 after creator Valerie Armstrong imagined a classic comedy wife walking off stage only to announce that she hates her husband. Although Kevin is meant to represent a type of trope rather than a specific character, it can be assumed that the show’s title comes from Kevin James’s 2016 TV sitcom, Kevin can wait. Although that show was canceled after two seasons, he is remembered for unceremoniously killing Kevin’s wife, with little to no mention of her after his death. Armstrong’s series confronts the idea of ​​the replaceable wife by creating a series that puts the female lead back in the spotlight.

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Armstrong recently spoke with And canada about the new series. She explained how the show develops and changes with each episode to become a narrative about women. Read what Armstrong had to say about the series below:

At first glance, it looks like a show about a toxic marriage. But for me it’s about how women can save each other from toxic situations. We are asking people to see it and laugh. But what I want you to do is laugh and then flinch, like, ‘Wait, what did I laugh at? What have I been laughing at? And at whose expense?

Annie Murphy in Kevin Can F ** k Himself.

Annie Murphy also spoke about her transition to the character of Allison after her six-season run as Alexis in Schitt’s cove. Murphy described the relief he felt upon reading the script and finding a character written as much more than a comedy wife. While Alexis was loved in Schitt’s cove, Allison’s role is very different in its demands. Allison’s character is meant to balance two different styles of acting, one that fits into the sitcom space and another that carries the heaviness of a single-camera structure connected more directly to the audience.

After the success of WandaVision, another series that faces the comfort of the sitcom space, Kevin can fuck himself it is an attractive concept. Viewers will be able to see how the plot becomes more complicated as the story unfolds, while also discovering a feeling of similarity to Allison’s character. This is because the show is designed for viewers to understand the culture of complicity that surrounds men and husbands like Kevin. It’s a culture that exists outside of the television screen that can only be changed when faced head-on, and it seems like that’s exactly what Kevin can fuck himself is doing.

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