Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard (2021) is about Michael Bryce, a former bodyguard who lost his license when his client was killed by hitman Darius Kincaid. The film follows Bryce and Darius’s wife, Sonia, as they attempt to rescue Darius after he is kidnapped.

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The mixed reviews of this movie favor some characters over others, and certain characters get better arcs and dialogue than others. The movie wastes the potential of some characters, such as minors who are set up as viable threats, but are then removed or forgotten for long periods of time.

10 Crowley

Caroline Goodall in a dark room posing for a photo

Caroline Goodall plays this stoic and authoritative Interpol agent, who shouts orders into the phones and orders her agents to hunt down the bad guys. He deals primarily with the unpredictable O’Neill, enduring his plans and methods in the name of the greater good.

While he is a steadfast presence in the film, Crowley is quite forgettable, as are the other Interpol and police officers who appear in the action scenes.

9 Zento

Close-up portrait of Kristofer Kamiyasu

According to Darius, this expert hitman uses devices such as infrared glasses to search for and eliminate his targets. Zento has a lot of interesting scenes in the movie, shooting the Kincaids from a helicopter and setting up a sniper nest on a tall building.

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However, even though Zento is set up to be a cool character and a real threat, the movie quickly gets rid of him and never allows him to show his real abilities. It would have been interesting to see Zento show off properly in future movies, but the rapidity of his death makes him look weaker than he really is.

8 Aristotle Papadopolous

Aristotle Papadopolous inside his car

The film’s main villain and Sonia’s obsessed ex-lover, Aristotle is played by Antonio Banderas, who clearly enjoys the evil role and flashy costumes he’s been given. Aristotle’s plan is not particularly memorable, as is the character himself.

Seeing Sonia’s past with Aristotle adds more to her character and makes her more interesting, but at Aristotle’s expense. Banderas tries to bring the character to life, as in his first scene where he appears menacing and ruthless, but throughout the film, the menacing facade fades and the character becomes much softer.

7 Therapist

Rebecca Front posing for a photo and smiling

A minor character who appears at the beginning of the film, The Therapist played by The bulk of itRebecca Front is brilliantly funny in her small amount of screen time, rolling her eyes at Bryce’s scattered thoughts and monologues.

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The therapist scene is not very long but it is crucial to the storytelling, and the short scenes make the comedy more fun as the jokes are not too long. Sonia’s brief interaction with the therapist is fun too, and she shakes her up for information.

6 Bobby o’neill

Frank Grillo bent over something in a dark room

A Boston Interpol agent who has no problem doing illegal things to get his job done, like working with Bryce and the internationally wanted Kincaids. Even when Crowley is cornered, she is forced to “do things the Boston way” and get O’Neill to do a job and save the day.

O’Neill is portrayed by Frank Grillo, aka Crossbones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who brings an abrupt severity to the character while maintaining the lighthearted tone of the film.

5 Magnusson

Tom Hopper smiling as he talks about his character in Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Magnusson, Bryce’s rival in bodyguards, is the best bodyguard in the business, played by Tom Hopper of The Umbrella Academy. Magnusson is effortlessly smooth and demonstrates incredible skill, even criticizing the techniques the Kincaids and Bryce use when trying to get away from him.

His best moments come from reacting to the Kincaids and Bryce, often horrified by the ridiculous antics of his antics. Magnusson is likable enough that audiences will remember him and enjoy the brilliant showdown with Bryce in the final act.

4 Higher

Morgan Freeman in Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Morgan Freeman is a delight to watch in any movie and proves once again that he can handle both drama and comedy. Senior is intense, handling emotional scenes gracefully, and the surprise of his role in Bryce’s life, as well as his surprisingly snappy action scenes, make him a brilliant character to watch.

Senior appears in emotional and tense scenes in the film, allowing Bryce to work out his character arc and move on with his troubled past.

3 Michael Bryce

Ryan Reynolds Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard

Bryce begins the movie looking for help to solve his gun problems and tries to take a break from his old life before being dragged back into action by Sonia Kincaid. Ryan Reynolds once again brings impromptu comedy to the role, though his anxiety can seem frustrating at times, and Bryce seems like a mix of previous Reynolds characters like Deadpool.

Bryce’s past comes to light in this movie, adding a bit of depth to the character, and the comedy in the flashback helps to ease some of the tension in the emotional scenes. The physical and antics comedy that Bryce is often the target of is always guaranteed a laugh from the audience.

two Darius kincaid

Samuel L. Jackson in Hitman's Bodyguard.

Once again brilliantly funny and outrageously intense, Darius’s devotion to Sonia is played out with emotional rhythms and laughter throughout this film, and the pair work very well together as they fight side by side. Darius also has a character arc, wanting to start a family with Sonia, which adds emotional interests to the film and makes Darius a more complex character.

Darius’s hitman skills are in shape here, and he takes part in some of the best fights in the movie, especially in a chase scene alongside Sonia that brilliantly shows both characters. Samuel L. Jackson clearly enjoys being a part of this movie, smiling and enjoying every moment he is on screen.

1 Sonia Kincaid

Salma Hayek in Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

The shining star of this movie is Sonia, played by Salma Hayek, who bursts onto the scene in a flurry of gunfire and doesn’t stop until the movie is over. His passion is palpable across the screen, and Hayek clearly enjoys the character, putting it all in every moment. Sonia’s past is brought up in this movie, further proving that she is an exceptional con artist, and her desire to have a baby and start a family is solved in funny and unexpected ways.

Sonia is present for most of the film, throwing brilliant insults at those who insult her and is part of the best action scenes, defending herself with weapons and hand-to-hand combat. He gets into fights with one goal in mind and will not stop until he has achieved it.

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