Sony is reportedly planning to continue using the OLED screen for its next-gen PlayStation VR headsets, which are reportedly ready for a 2022 Christmas launch.

A new report from Bloomberg claims Sony will revert to OLED display for next generation PlayStation VR device, which reportedly has a target release window for the 2022 holiday season. The manufacturer began sharing details about its upcoming PSVR platform in early 2021, revealing cursory information about the internals and drivers of the technology.

While Sony has talked in depth about the device’s drivers, and even showed them in photos, details about the headphones remain low key. However, the unsubstantiated reports allegedly paint a decent picture of what the company is looking for in terms of technology. In May, for example, UploadVR information shared from “reliable sources“which suggested that the unofficially named PSVR 2 could achieve a resolution of 4000×2040 pixels, which translates to 2000×2040 pixels per eye. If this turns out to be accurate, Sony’s next-generation PSVR headphones will achieve true 4K, a feat that not even the Oculus Quest 2 can pull it together with its 1832 x 1920 resolution pixel count per eye. Now, another report alleges that Sony plans to buck other current VR trends.

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In an article outlining LCD vendor JDI’s belief that LCD screens will become the preferred display for VR headsets, Bloomberg notes that one VR maker plans to hang on to OLED panels: Sony. Sources familiar with Sony’s operations told the publication that the new PlayStation VR will come equipped with OLED displays from Samsung Display Co. From Bloomberg Sources also stated that PSVR 2 is targeting a 2022 holiday release. As is often the case, neither Sony nor Samsung Display would offer a comment on these particular matters.

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Apparently, many OLED manufacturers have a diminishing interest in competing in the virtual reality market, due in large part to limited sales of such devices. However, Samsung supposedly working with Sony on an OLED screen doesn’t seem too far-fetched. After all, PSVR is the best-selling virtual reality headset, having sold more than three million units in two years. Those sales rose to five million in early 2020, according to Sony.

In addition to showing and detailing the drivers for the new headsets, the hardware manufacturer has revealed some concrete pieces of information about its next-generation virtual reality system. The aforementioned UploadVR However, the report indicates that the device is pushing the limits with more than just 4K images. Foveated rendering is also supposedly on the cards, which means that the image quality in the center of the vision will appear higher due to decreased rendering quality in visual details beyond the user’s peripheral vision.

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Sony itself has yet to specify a release window for the next PlayStation VR platform.

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