Ed Warren was almost killed by a demon in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, but did his heart attack happen in real life? This is the true story.

Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) is nearly killed by a demon in The incantation: the devil made me do itBut did your heart attack happen in real life? Directed by Michael Chaves, the third film in the main saga of the Conjuring universe is based on the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor), who in 1981 pleaded not guilty to murdering his landlord on the grounds that he was possessed by a demon at the time and he was not in control of his actions.

The incantation: the devil made me do it It begins with the exorcism of a boy named David Glatzel (Jullian Hillard), who finds himself in the midst of a violent demonic possession. Psychic researcher Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) and her husband, the demonologist Ed Warren, have been called in to consult on the case and are participating in the exorcism when the possessed David breaks free of his bonds and attacks Ed. The demon attempts to use his powers to stop Ed’s heart and manages to trigger a heart attack that takes him to the hospital. Ed’s death is only prevented when Arne takes David away and invites the demon into his own body.

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So how does this compare to the real story? Obviously, the “real story” will always be a gray area with ghost stories and demon possession. However, while the real David Glatzel underwent various exorcisms with the Warrens present, Ed Warren did not experience a heart attack during any of those exorcisms. Gerald Brittle’s book on the case, The devil in Connecticut (which was based on interviews with the Warrens and the Glatzel family), says that Arne invited the demon into his own body to save David’s life, not Ed’s. According to Brittle, the demon had repeatedly tried to force an end to the exorcisms pushing David to the brink of death and making him beg his mother to spare his life. The incantation: the devil made me do itThe description of David’s violent exorcism and Ed’s heart attack is based on this part of the book.

It seemed as if David had experienced a heart attack. Pulse and heartbeat were null. The boy’s skin turned white. His body lay motionless, seemingly lifeless. When a minute passed, those in the room couldn’t help but take him seriously … Desperate to save David’s life, Arne declared, “Let David live! Give me up! Come into me!”

In fact, The devil in Connecticut states that Ed Warren was not even present at the exorcism where Johnson invited the demon into his body, although he still had a terrifying encounter with “the beast” while the exorcism was taking place. Ed was at home in his study and performed a ritual to summon the demon, with the intention of binding him. Indeed, he received a visit from the entity that owned David Glatzel. According to Ed, the entity showed him the many demonic faces that David had described, and he realized that it was actually just a demon with many faces. He also realized how powerful it was. “Altogether, the entity was overwhelming.“Ed told Brittle.”It could not be solved. Binding was impossible. If I had started I would have killed myself. “

Ed Warren suffered heart failure many years later, in 2001. Although the paramedics who treated him were able to restart his heart, he remained in a coma for 11 weeks afterward. His health continued to deteriorate in the following years and he passed away on August 23, 2006 at his home with Lorraine by his side. Your obituary says Ed was once asked if he feared death, and he replied, “No, I’m not afraid of him, not one iota. I know that I will go to a beautiful place. “

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