The official trailer for Too Hot To Handle season 2 is here. Check out the new trailer and meet these new THTH contestants.

Turn your fans on full blast and point them in your direction, because Netflix just released the official trailer for Too hot to handle season 2. This new dating competition revolves around attractive singles sent to a tropical village to seek a relationship on an emotional level and win $ 100,000. However, these contestants proclaim themselves as “not the type of relationship.” Instead, these guys and girls are very open about their very active sex lives, and how they get the impression that a vacation filled with lust … not love awaits them.

The first season of Too hot to handle on Netflix presented with a great twist. Fans and contestants found that winning the cash prize was next to impossible. After the contestants met, the host established the rules, a voice-activated device called Lana. The rules clearly stated that singles could not kiss, hug for a long time, or have any other intimate moments with each other. If they broke the rules, the money would be deducted from the grand prize of $ 100,000. Two couples left the village in a relationship when the first season ended. Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, as well as Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend, continued their relationships after the show ended. However, those couples did not last long in the following months.

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In the new Netflix trailer of Too hot to handle Season 2 (included below), fans get to know the new cast of the series. These 10 “super hot singles” They are Cam, Carly, Chase, Emily Kayla, Larissa, Marvin, Melinda, Nathan, and Peter. This season, singles are staying in a beautiful seaside villa located in Turks and Caicos. Contestant Carly said: “Usually what I’m looking for in a guy is just a one-night stand.” Although the season will start with 10 people, more will be added as the season progresses. Once Lana breaks the rules with the players, basketball player Marvin has no faith in the cast and says: “This is crazy! We’re going to end up broke.”

Marvin could be right, because this season 2 trailer is full of lip locks, excessive touches, and even what seems to go all the way. The challenges presented are quite playful, as players try to find the “special place” through touch with a feather, as well as very suggestive dance movements. While many temptations will certainly fill the villa, the cast members are finally trying to challenge themselves as one put it: “I’m still trying to learn [and] trying to progress. “ After multiple singles and even doubles dates, the feelings will start to progress rapidly this season. In a confessional, model Melinda, 28, said: “If this is how love feels, I never want to lose it.”

This season’s cast seems funny, flirtatious, and ultimately bummed out. The trailer teases that there could be a handful of relationships in the works this season, but things can change very quickly in the village, as seen in season 1.

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Too hot to handle Season 2 premieres June 23 on Netflix.

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