When he and an old enemy finally finish what they started, Takemichi is a whole new person in episode 10 of Tokyo Revengers.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers episode 10, “Rerise”, which is now airing on Crunchyroll.

After all Tokyo avengersTakemichi has tried to do, from trying (and failing) to be Draken’s bodyguard to fixing things between him and Mikey and avoiding a fight in Toman, it was too late to stop Kiyomasa from stabbing Draken. It would be easy for Takemichi to despair over all these setbacks, but it is not like that.

Although all the odds are against him, he never gives up hope or gives up. Takemichi is not physically strong and is even nicknamed “Crybaby Hero”, but he has shown that he will never run away and abandon those in need. Now in Tokyo avengers Episode 10, he is ready to take revenge on an old enemy.

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Tokyo Revengers Takemichi Carrying Draken

With tears in his eyes, Takemichi tells Mikey that Draken has been stabbed. Leader Toman tries to get to his best friend, kicking his way through the Moebius limbs easily until Hanma throws him back. With Hanma and the rest of Moebius in his path, Mikey yells at Takemichi to take care of Draken for him.

Suddenly Draken coughs up some blood and Takemichi is relieved – he’s still alive! But you need help. Draken is much bigger and heavier, but Takemichi manages to lift him onto his back and slowly carry him to a quieter and safer place. Hina and Emma come running, after calling an ambulance. Now they wait for help to arrive.

That is until Kiyomasa and his cronies find them. Takemichi backs slowly, unconsciously preparing to run, but Draken’s voice breaks through his fear-filled haze. He thanks Takemichi for everything he’s done so far, but tells him to run away with Hina and Emma. He’s framed as Draken trying to get him to protect the girls, but he’s also given an outlet by Takemichi himself after acknowledging how scared he is.

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tokyo revengers takemichi headlock kiyomasa

All Takemichi has ever done is run away. Before current events in Tokyo avengers, he ran away 12 years ago and lost Hina. If he runs away a second time, he will not only lose her again, but also Akkun, Draken, Mikey, and the rest of his friends in Toman. Takemichi straightens up, he’s finished running.

He approaches Kiyomasa and declares that he will get revenge by winning this fight. All of Kiyomasa’s cronies laugh, but there is something undeniably different about Takemichi compared to the last time they met. It is much calmer and has a self-confidence that did not exist before.

Draken, Hina, and Emma bet on Takemichi to win the fight. The problem is that Kiyomasa doesn’t fight fairly, stabbing Takemichi’s hand with a knife. Gritting his teeth, he pulls it out and tosses it aside, charging at Kiyomasa and wrapping his arms around his waist. He even bites it just in case.

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tokyo revengers akkun inspired

No matter how much or how hard Kiyomasa hits Takemichi, he refuses to let go. He has Kiyomasa in a headlock, squeezing until he loses consciousness and falls backwards. He doesn’t have the charisma or strength that Mikey finds so natural. He cannot defeat his opponents with a single kick or even throw a punch that has some kind of impact. But Takemichi will fight and win in his own way.

Although Kiyomasa is now down, the rest of his faction is not, and they are just as cruel as he is. Takemichi urges Hina and Emma to run while he and Draken stay to fight. Draken stands up, one hand gripping the side where the knife entered. Neither of them is fit to fight, but they give a roar and prepare for the onslaught of attacks.

Out of nowhere, Akkun runs out and hits one of the Moebius members, saving Takemichi. Even better, the rest of your friends are here to help too. They are no stronger than Takemichi and are probably just as scared, but seeing him step forward and defeat Kiyomasa has inspired them. This is Tokyo avengers‘The most brutal clash yet, but as long as they don’t give up, they can never lose.

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