Either because of their appearance, their reputation or some other reason, perhaps biological, certain Pokemon can flatter to deceive. A creature can look like a tank but have low Defense, or it can appear fast while having a surprisingly low base Speed ​​stat.

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Pokemon stats need to be spread evenly to keep them balanced and prevent them from being overpowered, but this can lead to some stats being much lower than they appear to be. There are many examples where a Pokémon’s stats belie its appearance and are compared to others in surprising and unexpected ways.

10 Ariados is not as agile as the creature he is based on

A group of Ariados

Anyone who has tried to catch a spider in their bathroom knows how fast the little critters can be. That’s why it’s so surprising that Ariados’s base Speed ​​stat is a measly 40. And this is a fully evolved Pokémon; Evolves from Spinarak, gaining only 10 points in Speed ​​in the process.

Ariados’s third-generation Pokédex entry states that “its feet are topped with hooked claws that allow it to sneak around vertical ceilings and walls”; Sneaking, by definition, is a way of moving quickly.

9 Tropius’s stats are not favored by his writing

Pokemon tropius in battle

For what is essentially a flying dinosaur, Tropius’s base stats are generally disappointing. Not a single stat reaches triple digits, ensuring it matches the total base stats for Pokémon such as Basculin, Lanturn, and the Solrock and Lunatone Meteorites.

All of Tropius’s stats were massed, but his type makes him vulnerable to Fire and Ice-type Pokémon, leaving him with poor Attack, Speed, and Defense when it looks like it should be pretty formidable.

8 Parasect is a final evolution that should have better stats

For a fully evolved Pokémon, Parasect shares a total base with various evolutionary forms of intermediate-stage Pokémon. 405 is the same base stat total as Bayleef, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Marshtomp, and Wartortle, to name just a few.

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Given the fact that it resembles a hermit crab, which can be quite agile, you’d think it would have a Speed ​​stat greater than 30. Its highest stat is Attack, which stands at 95.

7 Dusknoir’s low HP is a mystery

Dusknoir from Pokémon

Duskull’s final form, Dusknoir doesn’t boast particularly impressive stats. His base HP is only 45; To put that in context, Machop’s is 70. His base Speed ​​stat is also 45, while his Special Attack is only 65.

One would think that for a ghost type, Dusknoir’s special attack would be higher than his physical attack, but the latter is 100. Cloyster and Probopass also have 525 as their base stat total.

6 Camerupt looks like a tank but lacks bulk stats

pokemon camerupt in grass

Camerupt looks like it should be a tank, but its base HP and Defense stats are 70, while its Special Defense is only slightly better at 75, giving it a lot less volume than it sounds.

His base stat total is also on the low side at 460, the same as Dodrio, Breloom and Jumpluff. His strengths do not lie in his defense, as it may seem, but in his offense, with 100 in physical and 105 in special attack. His speed stat of 40 makes sense, but the same can’t be said for his defensive stats.

5 Vikavolt has a surprisingly low base speed

Vikavolt Sophocles Pokémon

The Gen VII Pokédex entry for Vikavolt says that he “goes around, looking for an opening,” but that doesn’t match his base speed stat of 43. Also, it looks like he should be fast.

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Vikavolt is based on a beetle and shares its Stag Beetle Pokémon category with Pinsir, although Pinsir’s Speed ​​stat is much higher at 85. Pokémon with a higher base Speed ​​than Vikavolt include Tangrowth, Skiddo, and Aggron.

4 Cosmog has the lowest stats of all Legendary

surprised cosmog

Cosmog is a starter Pokémon, but it is also a Legendary. So it’s surprising that his base stat total is just 200, putting him on par with Feebas, Scatterbug, and the hapless Magikarp.

The Pokémon it evolves into are very powerful, but still, for a Legendary said to come from another universe, one would be forgiven for expecting Cosmog to have better stats than it does.

3 Escavalier is slower than some extremely slow Pokémon

Pokémon Escavalier Attack

The Pokemon Black The Pokédex entry for Escavalier says that Cavalry Pokémon “fly at high speed, striking with their pointed spears,” but at 20 for base Speed, it’s hard to imagine Escavalier would.

The fact that it is based on a jousting knight, who had to be quick if they were to be victorious, makes this all weirder. Bronzong, Lickilicky, and Probopass have a higher base speed stat than Escavalier.

two The Pikachu game has much lower stats than the Pikachu anime would have you believe

Perhaps it’s as a result of seeing Ash’s Pikachu in the anime win so many battles against bigger opponents, but a look at Pikachu’s base stats is likely to be disappointing.

For a mid-stage evolutionary form, its base stat total of 300 is the same as Bellsprout, Gible, and Geodude. He must have gained a huge boost from his bond with Ash in the anime, but anyone who uses him in the game in hopes of achieving similar results will be disappointed.

1 Onix doesn’t have very good stats at all

Onix looks serious

Thanks to its appearance in the anime as Brock’s main character in the original series, in addition to being one of the most unique and striking Generation I Pokémon, Onix is ​​one of the best-known Pokémon. However, many fans may not realize that the Rock Snake Pokémon’s base stats are pretty pitiful, particularly its Attack, which sits at just 45.

His Defense is 160, which seems correct, but for such a large and imposing figure, his HP of 35 seems strange. A special attack of 30, a special defense of 45, and a speed of 70 give Onix a total of 385, level with Beautifly, Mudbray, and Poliwhirl.

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