Ramuh is one of the new optional bosses available in Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC. Here’s how to beat him and get his powerful Summoning Materia.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake It came with a variety of insanely fun and reimagined boss fights for players to try. Along with the boss fights from the main story, players can participate in optional VR mission boss fights to obtain Special Summon Materia FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC added even more of these for players to overcome.

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Ramuh is one of the new optional bosses available in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC. As with any other VR mission, players must interact with NPC Chadley to begin the mission. Ramuh is immediately available once the player encounters Chadley in the DLC, but players must return to Avalanche headquarters and pick up another party member before attempting the fight.

How to beat Ramuh in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Once the battle is unlocked for the first time, party member Yuffie will likely be at level 25. While players can do some work and level up before attempting the battle, defeating Ramuh is doable (albeit a bit hardest) at level 25.

Ramuh is weak to wind, has higher resistance to fire and ice, and absorbs lightning. He is also immune to abilities like Poison, Silence, Sleep, and similar effects. Players must adjust the Materia they have equipped based on these stats.

Most of Ramuh’s attacks are magical, so magic resistant armor is nice to have. Here are each of his attacks and how to counter them:

  • Levin’s arrows: This is the first move Ramuh will use in combat. Multiple projectiles fire into the ground, leaving behind electrical land mines that deal damage and paralyze the player on contact. Players must dodge to get as far out of this area as possible and then focus on attacking Ramuh.
  • Voltaic spear: Ramuh fires a huge projectile. It can be easily avoided by running both ways.
  • Lightning: Ramuh hits the player with lightning. The strike point is marked on the ground and can be avoided by running in a straight line.
  • Thundering Orbs: Ramuh shoots electric balls that fixate on the player and follow him. They can be avoided by running to the left or right continuously, and they can also be blocked. Players must send Yuffie to attack directly afterwards.
  • Luminous Falchion: This is a close-range physical attack in which Ramuh uses his staff to hit the player multiple times. Players should block this if they are not already out of range.
  • Loaded current: An AOE move where Ramuh sends out a powerful electric current. Players must run as far away from Ramuh as possible to avoid getting hit.
  • Summon sparks: This move marks the second phase of the fight. Ramuh summons sharp electrical sparks that empower Ramuh.
  • Spark scourge: A physical move only used after Summon Sparks. Ramuh leaps on the player with a blast of electrical energy. Players can avoid it by dodging or running continuously.
  • Orbital wand: Another physical move used after Summon Sparks. Ramuh throws his staff and circles the arena. After avoiding his initial launch, players can attack Ramuh.
  • Circular bolt: A rotating electric AOE movement that can be avoided by moving the group away from Ramuh.

As long as players have the correct Materia and keep moving through the arena, avoiding Ramuh’s attacks shouldn’t be too difficult. After the battle, players will obtain the Summoning Materia for Ramuh, allowing them to summon the legendary Lord of Levin in regular combat to fight alongside the player.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade It is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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