In episode 10 of Mars Red, Rufus Glenn, who should be eliminating Code Zero, instead focuses on killing children, targeting one in particular.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of Mars red, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gone By,” now airing on Funimation.

While the main antagonist of Mars red He’s still General Nakajima, his ally Deffrott is quickly outpacing him as the worst of the two, adding a deranged twist to every evil act he commits, not unlike a Scottish-accented Joker. While he delighted in destroying his own kind and had fun transforming innocent humans into brain-dead vampires, it was always in the name of Nakajima’s plans. Even the “accident” that killed Misaki, Nakajima’s own daughter, could have been justified as the best way to ensure that she would not derail his plans to create super vampire soldiers.

However, what was once creative professional zeal has turned into utter cruelty, even to Glenn. Rather than focus on neutralizing Code Zero and his loved ones, in episode 10, Glenn has chosen to specifically make Deffrott’s unlife as difficult and tragic as he can. And not even for any apparent reason, it seems that Glenn just likes watching Deffrott squirm.

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Deffrott, a former vampire boy who works as an actor at the Imperial Theater, knows all about Nakajima’s plans and Glenn’s involvement. He was friends with Misaki and had recently turned Maeda, Nakajima’s former right-hand man, into a grumpy vampire, but Glenn doesn’t know it. To Glenn, Deffrott was just the resident European vampire when he arrived in Tokyo. His targeting Deffrott doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose other than just hurting him.

But this is not exactly surprising. Glenn’s polite facade hides a murderous nature, the exact opposite of Deffrott’s grumpy demeanor and soft heart. Glenn licks his lips in anticipation whenever he sees potential prey, but especially when he sees Deffrott. Deffrott couldn’t care less about Glenn, but Glenn forces him to kidnap his only remaining friend, Aoi Shirase, luring a disbelieving and very tired Deffrott into a bunker with a pop-up roof and trying to expose him to sunlight.

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On the other hand, Glenn may like to kill children. After all, he killed a vampire boy to make Maeda turn against Sowa, who is a vampire boy. His first on-screen victim is Misaki, who’s barely out of childhood, and he wouldn’t mind getting rid of Aoi, who is about Misaki’s age. Deffrott is simply the most powerful kid, a real challenge.

And, again, from this angle, the brutal transformation of human children into immortal vampires through Glenn’s vaccine + makes sense as well. While Nakajima would have wanted adult super soldiers for his army and a credible threat at home, turning children into immortal, ever-hungry bloodsuckers would have been a very silly idea – no one would want to kill children or witness the murder of children. , and any support for his grand plan would have failed. Unless, of course, it was Rufus Glenn, who didn’t care so much about the grand plan as causing mayhem and targeting the children.

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