Spider-Man’s biggest mistake has left the cobweb thrower feeling guilty for a devastating attack, but he just found out it wasn’t his fault.

Warning! Spoilers for Poison # 200 from Marvel Comics below.

After the events of King in black, Spiderman blamed himself for the arrival of the God of Symbiotes to the Marvel Universe, as he believed that bringing the Venom symbiote to Earth was ultimately what caused the subsequent attack. However, Venom has just revealed to Peter Parker that Knull’s army did not find Earth because of him and that he should not bear the blame for what happened. Peter’s biggest mistake wasn’t his fault.

Spider-Man thought he brought the first symbiote to Earth when he kept his alien suit after the events of Secret wars. Famously, the symbiote began to corrupt Peter, leading to his separation from him. However, when Spider-Man lost the suit, he found a new host in Eddie Brock, leading to the creation of Venom. In the King in black event, Knull came to Earth looking for Eddie. Because of this, Peter felt responsible for the death and destruction caused by the God of Symbiotes, as he blamed himself for the ripple effect that led the dark god to invade his home planet.

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On Poison Donny Cates # 200, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, Eddie calls a much-needed meeting with Spider-Man as the former Venom has become the new King in Black and is using his powers for good instead. of evil. Spider-Man tells Eddie that he owes him, as he stepped up when he couldn’t. Eddie immediately squashes the notion that Peter is responsible for the King in Black’s attack, revealing that symbiotes have been on Earth for thousands of years, including those fighting in Vietnam, are part of the Weapon Plus program and inspire. The legend of Beowulf.

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Peter is shocked by the revelation and asks Eddie how long he knew about it. Brock tells him that he found out the day a symbiote dragon appeared on Earth. He admits that he should have told Spider-Man about the history of the symbiotes, but the two eventually bury the born. Peter is still confused seeing Eddie turn into a divine figure, but agrees to help him if he ever needs it.

Spider-Man actually punished himself for the symbiote invasion as he believed he was directly responsible for Knull finding his home and trying to destroy everything and everyone he ever loved. Now, you can take a gigantic weight off your shoulders knowing that you didn’t bring the first symbiote to Earth. From Spider-Man The biggest mistake was actually not his fault at all. For a hero who cares deeply about responsibility, he will surely sleep better knowing the King in black the attack is not all about him. Poison # 200 it’s in stores now.

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