The theme of relationships is one that follows Gilmore Girls almost as much as friendships. Fans were wondering if Luke and Lorelai were going to end up together from season 1 and let’s not forget about the love triangle that Rory was trapped in between Dean and Jess. Interestingly, when relationships progressed to something more serious, arguments began to break out between the couples. The strangest thing is that these arguments often end in proposals.

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For most couples, their commitments arose out of anger and fear or resulted in confusion and despair. Alternatively, a fight quickly followed their engagement. Instead of the typical love stories, Gilmore Girls made his romances more complex.

8 Max proposed to Lorelai because of her jealousy of Luke

Gilmore Girls Lorelai Max A Thousand Yellow Daisies Proposal Scene

Max and Lorelai weren’t the best communicators. It seemed that the passion they felt for each other was stronger than their actual emotions. A great example of this is the way Max proposed. He and Lorelai were in a random discussion when Max appeared at Lorelai’s door and found Luke inside.

After evaluating each other, Max became so jealous that he asked Lorelai to marry him because maybe then they would stop arguing. Lorelai could not answer him because his proposal was clearly driven by jealousy and not in the least romantic. He made up for it, of course, with a second proposal, but the first was tough.

7 Lorelai proposed to Luke because she was angry at Rory and her parents

For Luke and Lorelai, Luke never had a chance to propose to Lorelai because she did it before him. After having a life-changing argument with Rory and her parents about Rory’s future at Yale, she ran to Luke’s house to be comforted. After telling him the whole story, Luke got angrier than Lorelai. Rory deserved to be in school.

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After seeing how dedicated Luke was to Rory’s future, Lorelai fell in love with him like never before and asked him to marry her spontaneously. In the midst of Luke’s spiel, Lorelai asked for his hand in marriage and they were quickly no longer angry.

6 Jackson proposed to Sookie because he was crazy about her living situation

In ‘A-Tisket, A-Tasket’, Jackson implies that he is ready to take his relationship with Sookie to the next level. Nervous about ruining their already great relationship, Sookie pretended not to understand what Jackson was implying. He ignored her for the rest of the day and did not bid on his basket at the auction.

When Sookie confronted Jackson, he admitted that he wanted to move in with her and didn’t understand why she didn’t want to. At the end of the discussion, Jackson takes several steps and admits that they should get married. Surprised by the sudden proposal (and new roommate), but happy, Sookie agreed.

5 Logan’s proposal for Rory ended in a fight

Rory talking to logan at gilmlore girls graduation

Before Logan proposed to Rory, the two of them were in a good place. They were finally on the same page and planned to be together after graduating from Yale. However, Rory was shocked when Logan proposed to her at their prom.

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I was so young and had so many plans with journalism, I was not prepared. Logan gave Rory some time to think about it, but the answer was a resounding no. Logan stormed off and his last words to her were “Bye, Rory.” Although this proposal did not arise from a fight, it revolved around one.

4 … like Luke and Nicole did

Luke and Nicole fighting on Gilmore Girls

No one was more surprised than Lorelai when she found out that Luke and Nicole got married on their summer cruise. Luke didn’t seem like the married type, and he and Nicole weren’t dating for long. Luke admitted that the two didn’t think about getting married, they just stepped in and did.

Shortly after getting married, they both realized their horrible decision and tried to get a divorce. However, their divorce was messy and Luke found out that she was cheating on him. While their union started off well, it quickly turned into a disaster before they could enjoy their relationship.

3 Zack asked the question after Lane broke up with him

Zack proposes to Lane on Gilmore Girls

Lane and Zack were dating for a short time before it exploded in their faces. As his band gained popularity, Zack thought Brian had feelings for Lane after writing him a song. Due to his anger, he ruined the band’s great performance in front of a record label. Lane and Zack broke up after that and she moved home with her mother.

But after realizing how badly he acted, Zack showed up at Luke’s Diner, knowing full well that Lane was mad at him, and he proposed to her. Once she heard what Zack had to say, she could no longer be angry and accepted his proposal.

two Dean proposed to Lindsay after a fight with Jess over Rory

Lindsay Planning Her Wedding With Dean - Gilmore Girls

The fight between Jess and Dean at the house party was terrible. Rory felt like he was in the middle of the argument as the two men trashed his friend’s house. To make matters worse, Dean was dating Lindsay and it didn’t look good that he was fighting his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend over her … Shortly after the fight, Dean told Rory that he had proposed to Lindsay.

While it has not been confirmed, there are they are theories that Lindsay realized that Dean hadn’t gotten over Rory and tried to get out of the relationship and the only way to make him stay was by proposing to her.

1 Christopher begged Lorelai to marry him (and then fought to keep her)

Lorelai and Chris looking at their engagement ring on Gilmore Girls

Christopher and Lorelai weren’t exactly fighting before he proposed to her, but they were definitely not on the same page and they weren’t thinking carefully. Due to their lack of communication, Lorelai and Christopher fell apart almost immediately after marrying on a whim. There was a certain element of pressure in his proposal that was still antagonistic.

In fact, her marriage to Christopher was very similar to Luke’s marriage to Nicole. It all started well, but ended horribly before the ink on the papers dried.

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