The developers of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin have revealed that the game was almost their own franchise and not a Final Fantasy title.

It has been revealed that Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin I hardly had the Final Fantasy Name. Stranger from paradise is an action RPG set in a world that resembles the original Final Fantasy.

The Final Fantasy The series is a massive video game franchise with many fans. It seems Square Enix hasn’t had a problem putting it in non-series games. The first three entries of the Saga series were tagged as SaGa Final Fantasy Legend outside of Japan. Even chrono trigger was a victim of this, as it was included in the Chronicles of Final Fantasy collection in the original PlayStation game, although it is not part of the series. There have also been cases of spin-off Final Fantasy games are reset as main line inputs. For example, FF15 originally it was called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It seems that Stranger from paradise he almost managed to be his own franchise before taking on the Final Fantasy Nickname.

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Stranger from paradise Creative producer Tetsuya Nomura said Famitsu (in an interview translated into English for the official Square enix website) that you originally envisioned Stranger from paradise as being a Final Fantasy game that did not use the Final Fantasy Name. Nomura says he used the original. Final Fantasy I play as a template and motive for Stranger from paradise, which goes beyond the atmosphere. The progression of Stranger from paradise it is also modeled after the original Final Fantasy.

Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Garland Chaos Cover

Nomura’s original concept was an action RPG about fighting through dungeons, but its concept was changed by the other creative members of the team over time. Stranger from paradise is so ingrained in the tradition of the original Final Fantasy that it is difficult to imagine without him Final Fantasy Name. It was a smart move to keep the name, as it saved Square Enix years of fans complaining about how Stranger from paradise does not have the Final Fantasy name, even though it is connected to the series.

The Stranger from paradise The name is strange and Nomura has said that it refers to the general theme of the game. Then again, the Final Fantasy The series is no stranger to ridiculous names. This is a series with names that have words like Prologue to the twelve divisions, Intergrade, INTERmission, Y Agitation. It is unclear what the ramifications of the Stranger from paradise name and how you connect to the main characters in the game, but at least they will still be counted as members of the game. Final Fantasy multiverse and can chase Chaos in cross games.

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Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be released for PC, PS4. PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

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