The PlayStation 2 was a great platform for fans of role-playing games, and these five games are just some of the best offerings on the console.

The Playstation 2 The era was a great time for RPGs, especially JRPGs. At the time, the console was known for its great games in this genre, some of which have become great franchises or memorable entries into existing ones. While not all PS2 RPGs have stood the test of time, many still enjoy great prestige today.

Of course, the RPG genre is incredibly diverse, some are more action-focused and some are primarily vehicles for storytelling with lots of dialogue. However, regardless of your preferences, there are great role-playing games for PS2 that appeal to all types of gamers. These are just five of the best.

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kingdom hearts

The original kingdom hearts that the beloved Disney established /Final Fantasy The crossover series remains a fan favorite. Most impressive is that the movie characters were successfully translated into a video game, something that was very rare at the time. The gameplay was simple and action-oriented, allowing anyone to grab and play while having enough depth that expert players would have to work to master it. This game spawned a franchise that is still around and has many die-hard fans, attracting many who want to explore the worlds of Disney alongside their favorite characters.

Person 3

Everybody knows Person 5 these days, but Person 3 it’s still a well-regarded game, and one that was revolutionary is the PS2 era. Few games at the time had social mechanics where players could get to know their party, and even fewer allowed players to choose their powers so freely. It was like Pokemon but with demon hunting and a wild and dark story. It also had the funky and wild music that the series is known for. Person 3 it was truly the game that set the style and gameplay that later entries would follow, and while it obviously lacks many of the features fans love Person 5, it is still a fun game to keep.

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Tales from the abyss

While GameCube had Symphony stories, the PS2 still has Tales from the abyss, another highly qualified Stories play. This was a PS2 exclusive for a long time until it was finally relaunched on the Nintendo 3DS. It has all the fan elements of the Stories The series awaits: action, multiplayer combat, a story with a twist, many side missions and challenges, and memorable characters. While not as beloved today with all the new games in the series, Tales from the abyss was popular at the time and a good rival for Symphony.

Grandia II

While it also came out for the Sega Dreamcast, Grandia II It is primarily remembered as a PS2 game. This forgotten franchise was a solid JRPG for its time, fitting in perfectly with people like Stories Y Trails in the sky. Players are required to have a fairly typical JRPG adventure that involves traveling the world and battling unlikely friends. GRAMrandia IIThe combat is unique, even by today’s standards, combining Stories-As action with real-time turn-based isometric mechanics. Even its story and writing still stand, making it one of the best RPGs on the platform.

Final fantasy x

Final fantasy x was an excellent RPG that, for the most part, has advantages over FFXII. While many still debate which is the best overall game, FFX has better character development and sticks to some more basic gameplay elements. While their world isn’t that big (most games of this era weren’t known for having extensive maps to explore), FFX he does a good job passing on his story. Has both classics Final Fantasy Time-appropriate items and difficulty level, making it one of the best RPGs to revisit of the PlayStation 2 era.

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