Trek to Yomi offers cinematic action in a side-scrolling adventure game heavily inspired by the work of famed director Akira Kurosawa.

Samurai have been popular in games for a long time. From the dueling battles of Bushido Leaf to the stealth action of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the legendary warriors of Japan have entertained many fans of the exciting sword games and the strict code of honor that relegates the life of a samurai. Many of these games have been heavily influenced by legendary film director Akira Kurosawa, whose work inspired the huge success of last year. Tsushima ghost.

Now, an upcoming indie game published by Devolver Digital aims to recreate an epic Kurosawa samurai in a side-scrolling adventure packed with sword fighting action and visual flourish. Hike to Yomi is a 2D action adventure that puts players in the role of a dangerous swordsman in search of honor. Announced during Devolver’s annual E3 Showcase, this serious adventure from the developers of Warrior of the shadows aims to deliver samurai action in a stylish cinematic adventure.

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trip to yomi cause of revenge

Hike to Yomi Puts players into the role of Hiroki, a young samurai on a quest to fulfill his dying master’s vow. Tied to his duty and honor, Hiroki must set out on a journey to protect the defenseless and those he loves from evils both natural and otherworldly. Hike to Yomi aims to create an immersive narrative that makes Hiroki travel beyond life and death to discover his true self and save his loved ones.

A look at Hike to Yomi‘s debut trailer makes the influence of Kurosawa clear. The game is presented entirely as a black and white cinematic adventure. The scene of feudal Japan is almost a character unto itself. Whether it’s a lonely forest ready for a bloody duel or a towering pagoda dwarfing Hiroki in its splendor, Hike to YomiThe stages are packed with eye-catching visuals for players to see as they fight enemies to the death. Weather Tsushima ghostKurosawa mode was a funny wink, Hike to Yomi takes your inspiration to a new level. Everything from the game’s level design to the framing of certain scenes appears to be a direct nod to Kurosawa, and it works spectacularly from a visual perspective.

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hike to yomi duel in the forest

As for the gameplay, Hike to Yomi delivers your samurai adventure with streamlined controls and an emphasis on one-on-one swordsmanship. Hike to YomiThe protagonist is a skilled samurai, and the game provides players with a great opportunity to unleash their skills on evil in a dynamic game of swords that is as tense as it is exhilarating. Players can roll to dodge, push, and slash through enemies with ease, decapitating enemies in bloody combat that features arterial sprays and intense duels that can end with a misplaced step, a calculated blow.

As in other great melee combat systems, positioning and timing are key to victory, and players must use reflexes and brains to overcome battles in one piece. Like the motion pictures that inspired his images, Hike to YomiCombat makes players feel like dangerous swordsmen from samurai movies. All of this results in what appears to be a brilliant 2D homage to the buttery smooth 3D combat of Tsushima ghost.

Hike to Yomi It seems like a cinematic experience in terms of both visuals and gameplay, so those who love epic samurai tales should keep this one as one of their radars. The game will launch next year on Steam, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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