Elden Ring will purportedly allow players to tackle areas of the game in any order of their choosing, a design option that has already been used in Dark Souls.

A lot of noise has been made Elden Ringit is a large and open map. The fictional world known as The Lands Between is the largest that FromSoftware has ever created, and many were excited to find out that Hand in hand RingThe areas can be explored in any order, although there will still be a recommended route through the game. It was a pleasant surprise, as some of FromSoftware’s recent action RPGs, such as Dark souls 3 Y Bloodborne, they have been quite linear in design. However, this is not a completely new concept for developer games, as the first Dark souls has many routes available for the player to take.

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Hand in hand RingThe open world has been a major focal point for the limited promotion of the game thus far. Even without repeated assurances that it will be bigger than any Souls game, just the existence of horses to ride means that the map will have to be much more open than the Dark souls. Even if Elden Ring boasts an ambitiously large world for a FromSoftware game, its emphasis on player agency is not that different from Dark souls.

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Dark souls It also has a recommended route, which is fairly easy to understand as trial and error will result in exceptionally quick kills, but the game is known for not explicitly telling the player what to do. After the tutorial level in the Asylum of the Undead, most players will discover that the “Right“The route to take is via an aqueduct to the Burg of the Undead. This will eventually lead players into a boss battle against the Taurus Demon, but that’s only one of eight possible first boss fights after the tutorial.

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All possible first bosses in the Dark Souls open world

Dark Souls has eight possible first boss fights after the tutorial

It does not matter that, Dark souls Players can reach two different bosses once they have been deposited at Firelink Shrine. Players can head to the Taurus Demon in Undead Burg, or challenge the Catacombs below the level to reach Pinwheel. The other six require that the passkey has been chosen as a gift from the player during character creation. Without the master key, the beginning of the game can seem quite linear, as it will guide players to the Taurus demon, after which the game opens on its own. Choosing the master key as a starter gift really allows Dark souls‘level design brilliance, though.

Going down a tower in the Undead Burg to Havel instead of going up to the Taurus Demon will allow players with the master key to access the Darkroot Basin. From the Darkroot Basin, entering the Darkroot Garden allows players to fight the Moonlight Butterfly or go directly to Dark souls‘Saddest boss fight, Great Gray Wolf Sif. Alternatively, the route through the Darkroot Garden can also lead back to the Undead Parish, skipping the Taurus Demon and opening up the Bell Gargoyles boss fight. Instead of going up towards the Gargoyles, it is also possible to go up in the parish elevators to Firelink, go down before the bottom and go up to the crow’s nest to be taken back to the Undead Asylum for a showdown with the Stray Demon. The Basement Key can also be grabbed in the Undead Parish, allowing players to open the way for the Feces-susceptible Capra Demon. Finally, using the master key to open the Valley of the Drakes from New Londo will allow players to go to Blighttown and fight Chaos Witch Quelaag first.

Granted, many of these early post-asylum boss encounters are only possible if the player has the master key and map knowledge to navigate through multiple areas, but the fact that gameplay is possible. Dark souls in so many different orders it is a testament to the design of the game world. Of how Elden RingThe central area similar to Firelink Shrine is described, it sounds like Elden Ring it could be explorable in the same way, only on a larger scale. Strangely, the joke that Elden Ring it’s just “big Dark souls“becomes more prophetic with each new detail revealed.

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