After seeing all Gilmore Girls Multiple times, many fans understand Lorelai completely and wish they were her mom or her best friend. His bow is impressive, as he has his daughter Rory at the age of 16, moves into a shed at the Independence Inn, and works his way up to running his own business decades later. Much of this character is memorable, from his frequent need for jokes to the amount of coffee he needs to survive each day.

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While fans do have some issues with Lorelai as she can be self-centered and immature, she is the reason viewers return to this show time and time again. From her personality traits to her character’s motivations, fans have discussed why they love Lorelai in various Reddit threads.

10 Nothing scares or stops Lorelai

Lorelai drinking Luke's coffee at home on Gilmore Girls

In a Reddit thread about what fans love about Rory and Lorelai, one viewer said that nothing stops Lorelai and she does not “back down from a challenge.”

Most likely, many fans agree with this statement, as Lorelai has never had an easy life. While viewers have mentioned that Lorelai has wealthy parents, Lorelai has rarely had the emotional support of Emily and Richard. She has raised Rory on her own, trying to show her how to be strong, independent, and yet kind and vulnerable. Fans enjoy the Lorelai character arc, as per revival. A year in the life, she is a smart business owner who can really commit to her soulmate Luke.

9 Lorelai will not change for anyone

Young Lorelai in a white dress with Emily

In the same Reddit thread, a fan shared that they like how safe is Lorelai. The fan commented that Lorelai “stays true to herself.”

There have been many cases in Gilmore Girls when people have tried to change Lorelai. In high school, Emily wants Lorelai to adopt her wealthy lifestyle and marry Christopher after getting pregnant. Fans love that Lorelai refuses as she has to follow her heart and instincts. Throughout the show’s 7 seasons plus revival, Emily always wants Lorelai to act more like her, and Lorelai knows that even though she makes mistakes, she’s at least in her own way.

8 Lorelai is street smart and has no formal education

Rory with Lorelai on the Harvard campus grounds, looking excited

A fan shared in a Reddit thread that they like how smart Lorelai is on the street. They wrote, “Even though she didn’t have a traditional upbringing, she is still VERY smart and expert.”

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This is a great analysis of Lorelai, as it is a stark contrast to Rory, who thrives in academia, enjoys how tough Chilton is, and dreams of going to Harvard. While going to college was not part of Lorelai’s journey, she is perceptive of the people around her. Part of the reason Emily and Lorelai don’t get along is Lorelai’s ability to see through when her mother pretends nothing is wrong.

7 She is perfect and imperfect

Other Gilmore Girls viewer mentioned on Reddit that Lorelai is “developed” and “flawed.” They referred to this character as a “masterpiece” and noted that while they do not always like the decisions Lorelai makes, their reasons are always understandable and clear.

Lorelai messes with Luke on many occasions, and while some viewers may find a lot to criticize here, it is true that Lorelai is fascinating because she is not a perfect person. She never stops fighting, either to navigate her feelings for Christopher while engaged to Luke or unable to convince Rory to stay at Yale. If Lorelai always did the right thing, smiled politely and went on with her life, no fan would find it memorable or compelling. Viewers can relate to the way she constantly falls and then moves on.

6 She thinks it’s funny

Rory And Lorelai Laughing At Yale - Gilmore Girls

One fan pointed out in a Reddit thread that enjoy Lorelai’s sense of humor since instead of trying to make other people laugh, Lorelai wants to make herself laugh, since she knows that she is very funny.

A big reason why Gilmore Girls has endured is his hilarious tone, and Lorelai’s dialogue has a lot to do with that. From saying “hey to the poodles now” to talking about pudding at dinner on Friday night, Lorelai appreciates her own funny jokes and comments. He wouldn’t be so adorable if he didn’t think so highly of his own sense of humor.

5 Lorelai has a big heart

Babette and Lorelai Talking in the Kitchen - Gilmore Girls

Thinking about why they love Lorelai so much, another fan posted on Reddit that Lorelai is “kind and loving.” They noted that while she may be too intense and immature, she has a good heart.

It’s true that when looking back at each episode of the series, Lorelai offers help and support to the other residents of Stars Hollow, like when she’s there for Babette when Babette loses her cat in season one. It would be easy for Lorelai to be too caught up in her own personal life to care about her city, but she’s a staple at town hall meetings and always stops to chat with people when she’s away from home.

4 She gives helpful advice

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Sookie have a double date

A fan shared on Reddit that they love it Lorelai’s talks and advice. Some good examples: Lorelai tells Sookie that she would be an amazing mother and Lorelai tells Lane in season 1 that it was okay to make mistakes because she could move on later.

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This is an interesting perspective on Lorelai, as fans sometimes say that she is too focused on her own problems, but offers good advice on a regular basis. Lorelai is a well-loved character because she has a positive impact on everyone around her and helps people feel more secure and prepared for what’s next in their lives. It’s particularly surprising to see how it helps Sookie feel more secure about dating Jackson.

3 She is willing to be strict and harsh on Rory

A fan posted on Reddit that they appreciate how Lorelai is tough on Rory when necessary. They set the example from the beginning of season 3 when Rory has a crush on Jess and Lorelai says she’s being unfair to Dean.

There are many moments in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai is a strong parental figure to Rory, and fans are always cheering for Lorelai, as Rory’s youth and inexperience mean it’s hard for her to see that she shouldn’t flirt with Jess or chase Dean when he’s married. Lorelai is often the voice of reason in these scenes and tells Rory what viewers wish they could do.

two She always tries her best

Lorelai comforts Rory after Dean dumps her

When talking about why Lorelai is his favorite character on the show, a fan posted on Reddit that Lorelai “tries her best” It does not matter that.

While Rory is often seen as the character who works hard for her success, it is also possible to view Lorelai this way. She moves up in the hospitality industry, tries to fix problems in her relationships, and hates when her friends or family are upset with her. She knows it will be painful to ask her parents for money, but she does everything she can to help Rory get a world-class education.

1 Lorelai has a special affection for Paul Anka

Lorelai and Paul Anka the dog in Gilmore Girls

Other Gilmore Girls viewer posted on a Reddit thread they love Lorelai’s Affection for Paul Anka, particularly the scene where she is devastated by her illness.

It’s heartwarming to see Lorelai take care of a pet, especially as she joins him after Rory moved out a long time ago, and Paul Anka was a sweet and heartwarming addition to the show. While it is true that Lorelai has problems, she is very compassionate and fans love to see her with her adorable dog.

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