Loki’s creator Michael Waldron opens up about his decision to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe series rather than become Rick and Morty’s next shwrunner.

Loki creator Michael Waldron talked about his decision to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe series become the next Rick and morty showrunner. Co-created by Dan Harmon and star Justin Roiland, the Adult Swim series centers on a mad scientist who returns with his estranged daughter and family and subsequently joins his teenage grandson on their multiverse adventures. Equally composed of obscene humor as well as powerful existential themes and drama, Rick and morty has been a hit for the network since its debut in 2013, garnering two Primetime Emmys.

The latest MCU series on Disney +, Loki, focuses on Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief when he is arrested by the Time Variation Authority after escaping with the Tesseract during Avengers EndgameTime Heist Sequence. Much like the animated hit, the series has toyed with existential drama and timeline shenanigans, and reviews have established it as the best Marvel series on the streaming platform yet. While Waldron is certainly responsible for that, things could have looked quite different if the scribe had chosen a different path.

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In an interview with Bleeding fresh discussing both Loki Y Rick and morty, Waldron revealed his reasons for choosing the MCU series over becoming the showrunner for season 5 of the Adult Swim show. Although he didn’t reveal where the latest series might have gone with him at the wheel, Waldron warmly described Harmon’s reaction to his news of heading to the Marvel world. See what Waldron said below:

“We’d had conversions about that, yeah. Mike McMahan was leaving. He created Solar opposites Y Star Trek bottom deckyeah … So yeah, Harmon and I had a conversation about me taking over. He just appeared on the show and everything. That would have been fun in another world. That would have been wonderful. But Loki The thing was really, you know, once he got on the radar, Dan was very supportive and encouraged me to go after him, once he realized it was live action. At one point, he said to me, ‘Are you really passionate about the character of Loki? [Ricky and Morty] It’s quite a successful cartoon. ‘ I was like ‘This is live action’, he was like ‘Oh yeah go away!’ It’s probably not entirely different from, well, it’s still Harmon and [Justin] Roiland’s voice and everything, and I think it’s as part of the job, just let Dan do his thing. But I know Scott Marder [It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Mick], who’s doing that job there now, he’s doing an amazing job (and) he’s probably a much more efficient and good showrunner for that show than he ever would have been. It probably wouldn’t have been on time if I had done the job. “

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It’s pretty safe to say at this point that the thought of missing out on the opportunity to join the MCU in any capacity isn’t a story that most people will utter, regardless of their previous work. Marvel Studios continues to amass a diverse roster of storytellers for its big and small screen projects and with the first two episodes of Loki To his credit, Waldron has established himself as one of those creatives. It is also a nice gift for fans of Waldron and Harmon to hear their words of encouragement and support for the former to tackle the Marvel series in favor of taking the reins of the Adult Swim program.

Waldron stating that Harmon actually pressured him to work on Loki Hearing that it was live action is also interesting to note. Given the bumpy road Harmon saw in the middle of CommunityDespite the ongoing love the series receives, you likely know the potential the live-action realm has to help launch a writer to stardom, especially in the comic book genre. Although it would be interesting to see how season 5 of Rick and morty would have turned out with Waldron at the helm, the wait won’t be long to see what The MickScott Marder brings in as showrunner when it opens on Sunday.

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