The Loki The Disney + series dives headlong into the wild and wonderful world of time travel, multi-world wars, and the flow of proper time. At the head of all this is the Time Variation Authority and the bureaucracy they bring to the party. TVAs seem to be mysterious by design, and even when things don’t go their way, the level of power it takes to make them sound is extreme.

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So who are they really? The canon of Marvel comics may provide some clues, with its history and creation, and its glorious purpose. Either way, TVA is a threat to any variant timeline.

10 Who are the TVA workers?

It is said that the workers, the judges, the analysts, the minute handlers, were all created by the Timekeepers to preserve the proper flow of time. In the comics, a social worker appears, fully formed into existence with each new branch or alternate reality, and they are infinite.

Some of the workers are occasionally recruited or promoted outside of the designated hierarchy, but this is rare. The TVA is the epitome of an orderly bureaucracy from the moment an agent of that bureaucracy is created.

9 Who is Mobius?

Mobius M. Mobius

The Mobius strip has appeared before, in Tony StarkThe discovery of time travel, and the name Mobius M. Mobius is a reference to that construction. He is a middle manager, but an ambitious TVA agent. In the comics, he has arrested people like Fantastic four, but every now and then he has looked the other way to let them and other heroes escape their fate. However, he then works twice as hard to make sure he is not degraded as a consequence.

Owen WilsonThe Mobius version seems, so far, to have a similar working style, believing in some leeway while researching and dealing with variants. Whether or not that method works for you remains to be seen.

8 Who are the timekeepers?

Three beings are standing in space wearing golden robes and holding out their hands to hold a thick shiny white thread that represents time.

Time-Keepers are a second attempt at creating time monitors by The One Who Remains, the last TVA director in the previous universe, and they tend to be more interested in dealing with threats to themselves than to any threat. at the time. The previous interaction, the Time Twisters, was a worse version of this, destroying various realities.

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What the MCU version presents us with, the timeline pruning, could be a nod to the first version of Time-Keepers and their inattention to what worked and what didn’t work for anyone but themselves. Or they could be, as Loki has largely implied, a myth used to control the TVA workers.

7 Where did all this come from?

In the comics, there is a being known as He who remains. He is the last TVA agent at the end of time, creating the Time-Keepers, moments before the heat death of his universe, to continue TVA’s work on the next reality or timeline. Its existence largely implies that all of this has happened before and everything will happen again, which fits perfectly with TVA’s perspective in time.

It is unclear if TVA agents are born by more traditional means, off the desks upon the desks of social workers appearing from the void as needed.

6 How is the comics version different from the MCU?

Loki TVA Ep 1

In the comics, the TVA does not monitor a sacred timeline, it monitors all timelines, making sure they proceed safely and do not interfere with any other timelines. However, they hunt for variants and those that are determined to interrupt the flow within a timeline. She hulk faced this problem when trying to warn a displaced person Hawkeye of his imminent death.

The bureaucracy is similar, although much more expansive due to the infinite number of timelines they deal with. It is possible that when the cinematic multiverse makes its official appearance, the TVA may adapt to something closer to its comic counterpart.

5 Who have they faced before?

All Marvel superheroes face the viewer and post heroically.

While Loki is far from the first or last variant they have faced, the TVA has mostly stayed out of the way of comic book heroes. However, there are some figures who cannot escape his gaze, such as Kang the Conqueror, who has strong ties to the Guardians of Time in his Immortus form.

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The Fantastic Four and the Avengers have faced interference from TVA for their actions. She-Hulk in particular confronted them for trying to subvert the proper time flow. Thor participated in the division of the timeline while fighting the Time-Twisters, and recruited dead Pool for a mission once.

4 How did they get all those Infinity Stones?

Infinity stones in Loki

The TVA has access to all the time. If the explanation of how some of these branching timelines came into being aligns with the explanation that the Elder gave in Avengers Endgame—That the removal of an infinity stone interrupts the flow of time — these stones would be evidence of the activities that caused the branches in the first place.

The interesting thing is that, within the TVA, or the Null Time Zone, as it is called in the comics, the power of the infinity stones is muffled. Because they have been removed from his universe, their power is nullified, as if it were most magic.

3 What is the null time zone?

Null time zone

The null time zone is a space outside the flow of time, and it is where the TVA was installed. Because TVA and Null-Time Zone work outside of time, it gives them some security against things like infinity stones and magic, which don’t work as they would inside time.

The null time zone is an infinite space, and as much as TVA needs to expand while dealing with multiversal problems, they will never expand beyond the limits of the null time zone. It also houses a prison for the most dangerous criminals of time, locking them in time loops, similar to the Strange doctor used against Dormammu in the first Strange doctor movie.

two What would a multiversal war look like?

in the background, several threads representing timelines collide with each other and cause electric shocks when touched.  In the foreground, God Emperor Doom, dressed in white over his armor, holds Thanos' skeleton in one hand.

Miss Minutes talks about a multiversal war in her intro video, showing graphs of timelines colliding with each other and mayhem everywhere. How that might look like from people’s perspective within time was addressed during the 2015 prelude Secret wars event, where the Illuminati were complicit in destroying other worlds to save their own.

This culminated in Doctor doom and Dr. Strange using Molecule Man and the powers of the Beyonders to gather the remains of broken universes to create Battleworld. While the timeline was eventually reset, the multiverse collapsed in on itself, and it appears TVA is doing its best to avoid it in the case of the MCU.

1 Whose side are they on?

In the first panel there are explosions and broken bodies with Deadpool running through them.  in the second, Deadpool breaks the arm of a TVA agent and tells him # @ $% the police time.

The TVA is on your side. They have fought the Avengers, trying to avoid timelines in which humanity destroys itself and seeing the Avengers as a catalyst for that. They have fought Kang to keep the timelines that exist safe from his conquest. The TVA view of morality is confusing at best, and it would be difficult to count them among the good guys or the bad guys.

They are loyal to the proper time flow, and if that means deleting entire timelines and all the people in them, then so be it. They see themselves above that kind of question and their mission is more important than any world or timeline.

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