The Incredible Hulk TV show star Lou Ferrigno takes aim at current superhero movies for using CGI and costumes to make their actors look more amateurish.

Lou Ferrigno reminds fans that his Hulk in The incredible Hulk The TV show had no help from CGI or costumes. Marvel legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are credited with creating The Incredible Hulk, who made his first comic book appearance back in 1962.

The Incredible Hulk origin story is, of course, a classic example. Scientist Bruce Banner is a regular-sized wimp with a large brain who is exposed to gamma rays and develops an alter ego: a huge green giant that emerges every time Banner gets angry. The Hulk would hit movie screens in 2003 with Eric Bana in the role of Banner, then return in 2008 with Ed Norton replacing Bana. But of course, today the role of Banner / The Hulk is more associated with Mark Ruffalo, who played the character in the Avengers movies as well as Captain America: Civil War Y Thor: Ragnarok. However, there is a whole generation who, when they think of the Hulk, may first think of the classic television series starring Bill Bixby as Banner and the bodybuilder Ferrigno as his huge green other self. Featuring the immortal closing music “Lonely Man’s Theme,” the show ran from 1977 to 1982 and remains a well-loved classic TV title.

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Given the many different iterations of The Hulk over the years, it’s easy for a debate to arise over who gave the ultimate interpretation of the classic Marvel character. For his part, Ferrigno believes he has an advantage over other Hulks and, indeed, other Marvel movie superheroes in general. In a recent tweet, Ferrigno He made his case for why his portrayal of the Hulk should receive special consideration. See his tweet in the space below:

Ferrigno, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, first gained fame as a professional bodybuilder and, in fact, appeared alongside Schwarzenegger in the classic documentary. Pumping iron. The incredible Hulk it was Ferrigno’s first acting gig, and he would follow it with roles in everything from the 80s Hercules movies to shows like The fall boy, Night cut, Amazing stories Y Reno 911!. The MCU paid tribute to Ferrigno’s contribution to the Hulk by using his voice in the Avengers Y Thor: Ragnarok (although it was not accredited).

Of course, Ferrigno is correct when he points out that today’s superhero movies employ CGI and padded costumes to make their characters look as polished as possible (Hulk is obviously a particularly extreme case of CGI bodybuilding as the dimensions of the character are exaggerated. far beyond human limits). And it is clear that the actor is very proud of the hard work he put in in the late 70s and early 80s to have a body like the Hulk without the help of modern computer graphics. That being said, many of today’s movie actors went to great lengths to appear amateurish as well (Chris Hemsworth looks pretty crazy without the help of CGI), and Ferrigno certainly doesn’t want to stop trying. .

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At the end of the day, what matters most with superhero movies and TV shows is the effect that is achieved on the screen. There is no doubt that today’s superhero works create a product that millions of people love, yet they make it to the bottom line. And from Ferrigno The incredible Hulk The show certainly made a lot of people happy in its day and it obviously still has its fans. Of course, no one will deny the hard work Ferrigno did to look like a credible Hulk. But it’s undeniable that the MCU’s Hulk is loved too, even if it’s the computer animators who do all the heavy lifting.

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