Namor has had an on-off affair with an invisible woman

There was a time when Namor was completely helpless, afflicted with amnesia, and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to memories of his service in WWII. The Atlantean prince remained abandoned for years while he was away from his home until he was discovered by Johnny Storm, who shaved his beard with his flame and threw him into a river, returning his memory of who he is. Unfortunately, this was also what triggered Namor’s trademark hatred for the surface, putting him at odds with the Fantastic Four, but also causing some attraction towards one of the superhero team members.

Namor’s crush on Sue Storm has never really wavered and to make matters worse, Reed Richards’ wife and crime-fighting partner has expressed that she feels the same way and even dumped Mr. Fantastic for the Sub. -Mariner at the same time. Ranging from playful flirtation to undeniable romance, this exhibit still lingers to this day, showing the latest signs in Marvel Comics. King in black story in December 2020.

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