In the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the return of Cad Bane comes with a concept and a duel that was destined for the legendary Boba Fett.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 8, “Reunion”.

Star Wars has finally used a concept that was destined for the legendary boba fett on The Clone Wars animated series. Thanks to Star Wars: The Bad Lot which serves as an epilogue series for Clone warsThe hunter from Clone Force 99 found himself in a duel with none other than Cad Bane, the most legendary bounty hunter in the galaxy of the time. However, this duel was actually destined for Jango Fett’s son, as seen in an unfinished episode of The Clone Wars.

On Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 8, “Reunion”, Clone Force 99 is still on the planet Bracca when they are attacked by their former squadmate Crosshair, who now leads the elite stormtroopers to finish them off by order of the Empire. However, although they manage to escape Crosshair’s sights, the episode ends with the return of Cad Bane, the most infamous bounty hunter of the Clone Wars who has been hired by the Kaminoans to bring the young Omega clone alive. However, Hunter was unwilling to let Omega go without a fight, leading to an impressive showdown of gunmen.

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However, this showdown, in particular, is noteworthy as it relates to the unfinished story of Cad Bane in The Clone Wars animated series. Before Disney did a seventh season on Disney +, Clone wars had a collection of pre-rendered and storyboard scenes for episodes that were never released. This included episodes about what would have been Bane’s final arc, seeing him metaphorically pass the torch to Boba Fett as the next legendary hunter in the galaxy. Also, the way Bane and Fett ended their time together would have been with an extremely similar gunfighting showdown as seen in this new episode of Bad batch. In the pre-rendered clip that was released, Cad Bane shoots Boba Fett in the helmet, which would have explained where his most pronounced dent came from. Now it seems as if The bad lot He’s apparently honoring that unfinished episode, seeing Hunter take Fett’s place and get shot by Bane before collecting his bounty.


With Cad Bane having another chance to have his story conclude in The bad lot It will be interesting to see how the series leaves you. Will you give your reward and leave with an ambiguous fate like Clone wars was forced to do, or will Hunter have a rematch in the rescue attempt that will inevitably happen? It is even possible that this is how Bane will deal with his disappearance. While Fett obviously survived his helmet shot, he simultaneously shot Bane with the implication that he would have defeated him forever, so perhaps Clone Force 99 is the new, canonical end of the bounty hunter.

Now that Bane is back in action in The Bad batch Besides Fennec Shand being hired by the Kaminoans as well, it is certainly possible that the young boba fett He could also make an appearance, allowing for even more concepts of him and Bane. Clone wars bow to finally be used. In any case, just watch Cad Bane return to Star Wars is exciting enough The bad lot continues with new episodes on Disney + every Friday.

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