DC’s Joker may certainly be insane, but in a new comic he has revealed something that even he is not insane enough to do, and it involves Batman.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Joker Presents: Puzzlebox # 1!

The joker He’s known for his crazy antics, but when it comes to throwing parties, even he has limitations. The Joker Presents: Puzzlebox # 1 begins a mystery series revolving around Gotham’s most notorious villains. While attending a party in his honor, the Joker reveals that there are certain entertainments that he is not crazy enough to hire.

The Joker Presents: Puzzlebox A new murder mystery has started with several suspects. After finding the dead Riddler, all the other villains are locked up as suspects. So far, only the Joker has been willing to speak to the Gotham City Police Department about it. However, Commissioner Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock are getting nowhere fast with their questioning of the Clown Prince of Crime.

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Created by Matthew Rosenberg, Jesús Marino, Ulises Arreola, and Ferran Delgado The Joker Presents: Puzzlebox # 1 has the Joker telling a story about a party thrown for him by the other Gotham villains. This party is where he and the Gotham rogues were arrested after a fight with Batman. While some people hire clowns or rent water slides, Batman’s appearance initially made the Joker wonder if someone had made a really crazy decision – to hire someone to imitate Batman as a surprise to him.

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While Gotham’s villains are used to having to fight Batman, his arrivals still inspire surprise. This is quite appropriate for a surprise party, so much so that the Joker really wonders if it’s really Batman to begin with. When it comes to entertainers, superheroes and princesses are popular for kids’ parties, but who would an adult supervillain hire for their own party if adult entertainment was ruled out? Initially, it might seem like a good idea to call in a Batman impersonator considering how obsessed Joker is with the vigilante. However, calling superheroes, even copycat ones, seems more like a joke. If the villains really did hire a hero copycat, even the Joker knows it’s too crazy an idea, which is saying something considering the Arkham resident’s sanity.

As far as Joker is concerned, it doesn’t seem like a good idea from many angles. In other comics and movies, Joker takes his arch nemesis very seriously. Part of why their relationship is so insane is because Joker respects his enemy so much. This respect would make hiring an imitation Batman an insult to him more than anything. Why would such a cunning and twisted villain like the Joker want to host a fake? Especially when it has been so easy to attract the attention of the real business. Also, sometimes it must be nice to take a night off from having frustrated plans and getting beaten up. When throwing parties for one of Gotham’s deadliest inhabitants, the party organizer should only consider that the event is likely to be blocked by bat Man the same. They should never hire a copycat, because since the joker perspective, which crosses the mark of insanity, and can end in deadly consequences if you take it as an insult.

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