Weather Poison: Let there be slaughter will see Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock take on Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady, various Marvel movie characters have also been possessed by a symbiote from the comics. From 2018 Poison saw Spider-Man’s villain / anti-hero get his due after the controversial portrayal in Spider man 3 2007. But the movie was just the beginning of Sony Pictures’ so-called Marvel Character Universe, which will feature other Spider-Man characters in their own solo films. While Jared Leto will star as the titular hero in Morbius Next year, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will have another Marvel concert at Kraven the hunter.

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Before those characters have their big screen debut, Hardy takes up Marvel’s antihero in Poison: Let there be slaughter, which will feature the live introduction of Carnage, another Spider-verse symbiote from the comics. After Harrelson Cletus made his brief debut in Poison post-credit scene, served as a montage for the sequel. While Venom and Carnage are Marvel’s most recognizable symbiotes in the comics and mainstream media, they still have various symbiotes as part of the lore. As it is shown in PoisonEddie’s Symbiote was not alone, as there is a whole race of them in the universe.

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Given that Marvel Comics has developed the Symbiote mythology over the years, it makes sense why Sony is using more than just Venom in the new movies. If a third Venom movie gets the green light, it would make sense to see them go even further in the Symbiote-related comics.

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Eddie Brock (current)

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom Let There Be Carnage

In the comics, Eddie is normally the second host of the Venom Symbiote, after it was attached to Spider-Man. However, Hardy’s version of Eddie became the first host Symbiote bonded with after failing to connect with some of the Life Foundation test subjects. Though initially feared, Eddie and Symbiote eventually came to an understanding, as together they became Marvel’s iconic antihero.

Anne Weying

Towards the end of Venom, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne Weying temporarily served as his Symbiote’s host when he got into trouble. When Eddie was about to be executed by Carlton Drake’s men, Anne, possessed by a symbiote, appeared in time and stopped them. Even though it was a sudden moment for audience members who don’t read the comics, it was actually related to Anne’s comic book counterpart. It was a nod to when Anne became She-Venom in the comics due to Symbiote saving her from dying after she was shot by Sin-Eater. Only time will tell if Michelle Williams’ Anne will be She-Venom again in Poison: Let there be slaughter.

Carlton drake

While a symbiote never took over from Marvel’s version of Carlton, Riz Ahmed’s character had one that exists in the comics. Riot, the symbiote that took over Carlton, debuted at the Poison: Deadly Protector story, which was one of the inspirations for the script. However, since Carlton’s comic book iteration was never linked to this specific symbiote, Riot’s canonical hosts were Trevor Cole and Howard Ogden, and neither of them appeared in Poison.

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Peter Parker (Sam Raimi trilogy)

Spidey's black symbiote suit in Spider-Man 3

While there have been two other live-action versions of Spider-Man since the Sam Raimi trilogy, only Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker has donned the Symbiote suit thus far. Despite Spider-man 3 The reception being a mixed bag, the threequel introduced the Symbiote into that universe, as it reached Earth and attached itself to Peter’s body. While it strengthened Peter, the Symbiote slowly began to corrupt his personality, turning him into a violent cobweb thrower. When Peter finally realized what he was doing to him, he battled the Venom Symbiote to regain control of his mind and body.

Eddie Brock (Sam Raimi trilogy)

Topher Grace as Eddie Brock Venom Spider-Man 3

Years before Hardy signed on to play Eddie in Poison, Topher Grace was the first actor to bring Spider-Man’s antagonist to life in Spider man 3. This version of the Venom Symbiote was similar to the comics in which he joined Eddie after Peter severed his ties with him due to its negative effects on him. Since Eddie had lost everything because of Peter, during his symbiote phase, he turned into Venom and turned to Sandman for help in defeating Spider-Man. While Peter managed to free Eddie from the Venom Symbiote, he dies with him after Spider-Man used one of Harry Osborn’s goblin bombs to destroy him.

Carnage (Venom 2)

Carnage goes crazy in Venom Let There Be Carnage

Even though Spider-Man has had to fight Venom Symbiote in comics and media, Carnage’s is undoubtedly much worse, as their host is just as devious as they are. With Cletus being a deranged sociopathic serial killer, Carnage chose him as his host is the reason why he is one of the darkest Spider-Man supervillains of all time. While it remains to be seen what the context will be for Poison: Let there be carnage Take on the red sadistic symbiote, normally depicted as Venom’s offspring in the comics.

Frances Barrison (Poison 2)

Venom 2 Trailer Shriek

While Cletus / Carnage will serve as the main antagonist in the sequel, Poison: Let there be slaughter it also features another player with a Symbiote past in the comics. One of the new cast members for the follow-up is Naomie Harris, who plays Frances Barrison, Cletus’ love interest. Marvel fans will recognize Frances as the super villain Shriek, but she was possessed by a Symbiote even in the comics. During their marriage, Shriek bonded with a symbiote that Carnage had given birth to, but only temporarily. When it comes to Poison: Let there be slaughterIt is unknown if a Symbiote will possess Harris’s version of Frances in the sequel.

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Patrick Mulligan (Venom 2)

Stephen Graham as Mulligan in Venom 2

Another character joining Poison: Let there be slaughter is Patrick Mulligan, who will be played by Stephen Graham. On Poison vs. Butcher shop # 2, the devilish symbiote created Toxin, another offspring who ended up joining Mulligan. So far, it’s unclear if Graham’s version of the character will become Toxin in the film. But it’s likely more than mere coincidence that both Patrick and Frances are in the movie, as they both have ties to Carnage in the comics.

Although many have mixed thoughts about the lack of Spider-Man in the Poison franchise, it’s awesome to see how much they can trust comics without the web crawler. For most non-comedic readers, you can see an extended side of Symbiote mythology that doesn’t normally get much exposure in the media. In most of the Spider-Man adaptations, Venom is portrayed as one of Peter’s most prominent villains. In some cases, Venom aligns himself with Carnage to take down Spider-Man.

But comics have come a long way with the Symbiotes, which Sony is leveraging for its franchise. Yes Poison 3 It happens, it would not be surprising if characters like Scream, Phage, Agony and many more Symbiotes are used correctly in the next installment. What Poison: Let there be slaughter Coming this year, it will be interesting to see what other symbiotes may appear in the sequel or in a possible follow-up.

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  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)Release Date: Sep 24, 2021
  • Morbius (2022)Release Date: Jan 21, 2022
  • Kraven the Hunter (2023)Release Date: Jan 13, 2023

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