As one of the strongest and rarest metals on Earth, it is interesting why Tony Stark never used Vibraniun to make one of his many Iron Man suits.

With your dedication to doing your best Iron Man suit, it’s funny why Tony Stark never decided to make armor made out of Vibranium. The MCU’s inaugural hero was known for several things, including his unmatched genius, which is why he was instrumental in making the time heist in Avengers Endgame possible. Until the end, his creations impacted the status of the franchise, staying true to his penchant for building and creating various technologies.

Initially, this particular gift was used for the wrong reasons, as Tony’s weapons for Stark Industries were used for war and against the people he intended to protect. Once he had that epiphany during his near-death experience in Afghanistan when the Ten Rings kidnapped him, the genius and billionaire Avenger used his abilities differently, choosing to create better Iron Man armor that allowed him to personally become a Super Hero. This continued to power Tony for the rest of his arc in the MCU; Over the years, his armor had grown more and more advanced as he faced worse adversaries. Given this progression, he never had a chance to build a suit made from one of the strongest metals on Earth: Vibranium.

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Using the indestructible item seemed to be an organic next step for the Iron Man suit in the immediate aftermath of the opening of Wakanda under the rule of King T’Challa in Black Panther. Tony had an existing personal relationship with the leader of the advanced nation and could have asked for a personal favor and bought something for him. However, he did not, and for good reason. Since Vibranium is extremely rare and valuable, it is also not cheap. As revealed in WandaVision, Vision, whose body was made of Vibranium and synthetic meat, cost around $ 3 billion of the Wakandan material. Somehow it was worth spending so much money on the character considering that it housed the Mind Stone; The vision had to be durable, as it is actually the character’s supposed body forever. Meanwhile, Tony went through his suits pretty quickly – he debuted at least one every time he was on screen, and instead of fixing them after every battle, he just scrapped them and built a new one. This meant that it would need an endless supply of Vibranium to maintain this cycle, which was not sustainable considering the rarity of Vibranium and which still belongs to Wakanda.

Off screen, it also makes sense for Marvel Studios to limit the use of Vibranium by third parties, which includes Iron Man. This highlights that it is only reserved for Black Panther and the people of Wakanda. At this point, only Vision and Captain America’s shield, and now the wings are made of the durable element, which makes them very special. Tony had access to other materials and was free to use and incorporate them into his technology, but Vibranium is a Wakanda and Black Panther signature; it is part of its identity considering how much it is used in various ways in the country. Keeping it separate allows them to emphasize where Vibranium originally came from. In any case, maybe it could be used in a different Iron Man suit in the future, whether it’s for Rescue, Pepper Potts ‘alter-ego in the comics, or Riri Williams’ Ironheart, which would send a thematic message considering that she is. a young black woman.

Now, Iron Man is gone and the Infinity Saga is over, Marvel Studios is focusing on indie stories with Black panther 2new title, Wakanda forever hinting that the sequel will delve into the fascinating country as a whole. This could mean that the Ryan Coogler-directed film will delve into the country’s place in the world after its opening, including how much Vibranium will be shared.

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