Steven Soderbergh has remained one of the most prolific filmmakers for the past three decades. Before becoming a major Hollywood force behind such celebrated films as Ocean’s Eleven franchise, Out of sight Erin Brockovich, and the winner of the Best Film TrafficSoderbergh cut his teeth directing small, offbeat, independent films that even some of his biggest fans have forgotten.

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Hesitating between big-budget studio fare and low-budget auteur films alike, Soderbergh has also served as a cinematographer on nearly all of his own feature films, under the pseudonym Peter Andrews. The next thing for the movie cat of all trades is No sudden movement, a period crime drama that will premiere on HBO Max on July 1, 2021.

10 Kafka (1991)

Kafka seems puzzled at Kafka

Following his acclaimed feature film debut Sex, lies and videotapes, Soderbergh did Kafka, a nightmare, surreal mystery thriller starring Jeremy Irons. The low-budget arthouse film was a disappointment at the box office before becoming a beloved cult classic.

Kafka (Irons) is an insurance salesman who discovers a shadowy underground organization responsible for setting off bombs throughout the city. Blurring Kafkaesque reality and fantasy, the film takes individual tracks from the famous author The proof Y The castle. It is a must see for fans of both artists.

9 King of the Hill (1993)

Aaron meets the police on King of the Hill

In 1993, Soderbergh wrote and directed King of the hill, based on the memoirs of AE Hotchner. The historical drama centers on Aaron (Jesse Bradford), a young man who lived alone in a run-down motel in St. Louis during the Great Depression.

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With Aaron’s father constantly absent on business, his mother sick with tuberculosis, and his younger brother sent to live with his uncle, the boy struggles to survive, let alone find meaning in a cruel and unforgiving world. Despite its poor box office performance, the film received rave reviews.

8 The Fund (1995)

Nighttime close-up of Michael in The Underneath

Works as a loose remake of the classic 1949 film noir Criss Cross, Soderbergh wrote and directed The under in 1995. The film stars Peter Gallagher as Michael Chambers, a self-destructive gamer who returns to his hometown for his mother’s wedding.

When Michael takes a job driving an armored car for his future stepfather, he is forced to orchestrate the theft of money by his ex-wife’s new gangster boyfriend. As Michael tries to do the right thing on both sides, he finds himself caught up in a major moral conundrum.

7 Gray’s Anatomy (1996)

Spalding Gray gives a speech on Gray's Anatomy

Soderbergh directed two much-overlooked and underrated films in 1996, both of which were released less than a month apart in the spring of 1997. The first includes Gray’s Anatomy, a performative spiel by the famous writer and monologue Spalding Gray.

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The 80-minute performance piece involves Spalding Gray’s recent eye condition requiring a precarious surgical operation and his desperate attempt to circumnavigate the surgery through a host of alternative remedies. Since then, the film has been added to the Criterion Collection.

6 Schizopolis (1996)

Fletcher puts on a funny face in Schizopolis

Because he’s not credited as a writer and director, it’s very easy to miss Soderbergh’s 1996 feature film. Schizopolis. Serving as his own cinematographer for the first of many times in his career, the non-linear avant-garde comedy also stars Soderbergh in the title role.

The strange encounter is about Fletcher Munson (Soderbergh), a slow worker for a pseudoscientific religion called eventualism. After a death at the company, Fletcher is promoted to write speeches for the religious leader as he deals with his wife’s love affair with his own doppelganger.

5 The Limey (1999)

The Limey aims revolver at The Limey

Thrown in the middle Out of sight Y Traffic, The limey is a stylish non-linear police film starring Terrence Stamp and Peter Fonda. Written by Kafka type Lem Dobbs, the plot concerns a ruthless British gangster (Stamp) who wants to avenge the death of his daughter in Los Angeles.

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Soderbergh overcomes the tedious plot of revenge using mysterious flashbacks and images from Ken Loach’s 1967 film. Poor cow, creating an exciting result that critics favored upon its release. Unfortunately, the film performed poorly at the box office.

4 Bubble (2006)

Factory workers share lunch at Bubble

Launched amongst the super popular of Soderbergh the twelve of ocean Y Ocean thirteen, and the same year that Good German, bubble it came and went without much fanfare in 2006. Bereft of movie stars or a marketing campaign, it is one of Soderbergh’s darkest films to date.

The 73-minute feature tracks a murder mystery that takes place between a trio of employees at a Midwestern doll factory, leading to an investigation led by Don Taylor (Decker Moody). Soderbergh also made the film under his film alter ego, Peter Andrews.

3 And everything is going well (2010)

Spalding Gray performs in And all is well

Fourteen years after he directed Spalding Gray in Gray’s Anatomy, Soderbergh paid heartfelt tribute to the late iconic writer and speaker in the 2010 documentary And everything is going well.

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The documentary traces Gray’s early maturity as a performer, to his work on Swim with Cambodia Y The killing fields in the 1980s. The celebration of Gray’s personal and professional life comes through Soderbergh’s skillful empathic touches and the use of archival imagery.

two Foolish (2018)

Sawyer trapped in a hospital bed in Unsane

Soderbergh’s first official foray into the horror genre came in 2018 with Senseless, a movie he shot on an iPhone in just 10 days. Despite starring Claire Foy and doing well at the box office, it remains one of the filmmaker’s relatively unknown films.

Foy plays Sawyer, a troubled young woman sent to a mental institution against her wishes after being stalked by a mysterious man. While there, he deals with his illusory fears while uncovering a vile hospital plot to hold patients hostage as an insurance scam.

1 Bird that flies high (2019)

Ray sits at the desk in High Flying Bird

Of the three Soderbergh projects launched in 2019, the easiest to miss was Bird that flies high. Written by Moonlight write Tarell Alvin McCraney, the little sports drama filmed on iPhone takes place in a 72-hour time frame of high leverage.

Andre Holland plays Ray Burke, a bankrupt sports agent with mounting pressure for his rookie client to accept a money-making ploy during the NBA’s most recent lockout negotiations. With three days to close the deal, Ray also faces his disgruntled star player, his demanding boss, his ex-wife and his loyal assistant.

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