Daniel Craig James Bond movies are quite unpredictable. Two are considered modern-day Bond classics: Royal Casino Y Skyfall. The other two – Quantum of Solace Y Spectrum – Considered major disappointments after critically acclaimed predecessors. Much of the praise has gone to the stories, Bond’s personal character development, clever insight into the Bond series itself, and the filmmaking.

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That said, the stories are full of questionable plot material. Whether it’s an entire plot hole that doesn’t make any sense or a little weird that made viewers raise their eyebrows, these plot points were more than a little confusing.

10 Most of the poker stuff at Casino Royale

Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre and Daniel Craig and James Bond in Casino Royale

For a movie centered around a game of poker, Royal Casino I’m sure a lot of things are wrong about the game. While most mistakes are made for dramatic effect, they are still mistakes.

The final hand, in particular, is riddled with errors: there are no side pots, Bond cannot go all-in as he is the chip leader, and Bond finally reveals when he should reveal first (since he made the aggressive bet and Le Chiffre paid). Additionally, Bond gives the dealer some pointless advice, as tournament poker chips do not represent cash in the same way that cash games do.

9 How did you know it was MI6?

The Madagascar sequence in Royal Casino he’s brilliant and describes Bond as an enthusiastic rookie regardless of MI6’s secrecy or reputation. M rightly reprimanded him after returning to London, and she shows him a newspaper in which she denounces MI6’s involvement in the embassy shooting.

But how did anyone know that this random man was a secret agent working for MI6? From what they know, it was just a man who had a grudge against a bomb maker and chased him through an embassy. Bond did not speak to anyone while he was there.

8 Bond’s horrible CPR

Royal Casino It ends in tragedy, as Vesper essentially dies by suicide by locking himself inside the collapsing elevator. The elevator plunges into the water and, despite Bond’s best efforts, Vesper drowns inside. Bond brings Vesper’s body to the surface and performs a brief and painful CPR before giving up and accepting his fate.

Bond should have tipped Vesper on his side to help purge his lungs of water, and why did he give up after twenty seconds? Bond is certainly trained in CPR, and had he tried a little harder, he could possibly have saved Vesper’s life.

7 Le Chiffre leaves Vesper on the road

Bond's car spinning through the air

So Le Chiffre angrily kidnaps Vesper, ties her up, and leaves her in the middle of the road for … reasons. Le Chiffre needs Vesper and Bond alive to access the money, as Vesper controls the account and Bond has the password.

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So her best plan is to drop Vesper in the middle of the road, with the very real possibility that Bond will accidentally run her over. Barring that, Bond will go astray to avoid her (which he does) and possibly die in the resulting car accident. It’s sheer luck that both Vesper and Bond survived Le Chiffre’s incredibly silly scheme.

6 The Miraculous Healing of Mr. White

James Bond greets Mr. White - Casino Royale

Mr. White went through the wringer throughout Royal Casino Y Quantum of Solace. At the end of Royal CasinoBond shoots White in the leg and leaves him crawling on the ground, unable to get up. They then place it in the trunk of a car and leave it banging against their sides for QuantumIt’s the first car chase, and then he’s shot in the shoulder.

Yet despite all these horrible injuries, White can easily escape an MI6 interrogation room and reappear at the opera. There is simply no way.

5 Mathis timeline does not match

Mathis in sunglasses in Quantum of Solace

Royal Casino It ends in a rather ambiguous way, with Bond telling M to keep torturing Mathis for information, as he suspects Mathis of being a mole. However, he is unsure of the situation after the reveal that Vesper was the real mole. As M says, “You don’t trust anyone, do you?”

And even when Quantum It begins, Mathis has been cleared by MI6 and has settled in an elegant Italian villa, comfortably enjoying his retirement. The timeline doesn’t add up. Mathis should still be in MI6 custody.

4 Hydrogen cyanide

Silva's disfigured face in Skyfall

Silva’s entire plan comes down to revenge. Years ago, M betrayed him and let him die at the hands of the Chinese government. Rather than face torture, Silva decided to end his life with a hidden hydrogen cyanide capsule. However, this pill did not work and only resulted in his horrible injury.

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Unfortunately, hydrogen cyanide fails to do almost everything Silva said it did. Hydrogen cyanide is not used in suicide pods and does not burn with caustic properties. Therefore, it would not melt Silva’s face. It would have deprived your body of oxygen. Also, ingesting the compound is a guaranteed death, so even if it had been made in pill form, there would be no way Silva would have survived.

3 Connecting Silva’s computer to the MI6 network

Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall

The whole plot of Skyfall falls apart after Silva’s capture and his return to MI6. Silva’s plan is for MI6 to find his laptop and connect it to their servers so it can infiltrate their highly secure network. But “high security” is not.

Q, who is supposedly a computer whiz, would never connect a suspicious laptop like Silva’s to MI6’s main network. It would be tested in complete and safe isolation to avoid exactly what happened in the movie.

two How did Bond survive?

Bond falling off a bridge in Skyfall

A certain suspension of disbelief is required for all Bond films. But the opening segment of Skyfall it really pushes the limits. Moneypenny accidentally shoots Bond in the shoulder, causing him to fall. hundreds of feet in the water below.

Falling from that kind of height is a guaranteed death, as it is like falling onto the pavement. So even if the multiple shots didn’t kill him, there’s absolutely no way that he survived that kind of fall.

1 What about the needles?

Blofeld tortures Bond in Specter

Spectrum tells a rather dark story, and involves a creepy sequence in which Bond is tortured with needles. Blofeld informs Bond that these needles will interfere with his balance and make him forget people. However, after the needles are injected, Bond still remembers Madeleine and easily escapes the facility, her balance working perfectly.

So what the hell was wrong with those needles? Was Blofeld bragging about its effects? They just didn’t drink for some reason? There’s no answer.

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