In Charmed Season 3, Episode 15, a future Abby encounters the fiery disappearance of a powerful witch who is infected by a mysterious new plague.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Pleasure Season 3, Episode 15, “Schrodinger’s Future, “ which aired on Friday on The CW.

On PleasureIn the latest episode, Maggie and Macy travel to the future in hopes of finding Future-Mel, who recently left her baby to Present-Mel. While the duo fail to find Future-Mel, they do learn that the entire world will soon face a plague on an apocalyptic level.

Roughly three weeks after his current time, The Whispering Evil will break loose, a disease that strikes witches and demons and is destined to turn the world into chaos. Surprisingly, the couple learn of this unfortunate future thanks to their friend Abby, who has adopted a justice-like personality (giving Birds of preyHuntress vibes) and is living and defending the SafeSpace of the future. That is until we see Abby face a deadly fate.

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Before learning of her timely disappearance, Abby reveals to Maggie and Macy that Maggie is dead in 2026. Additionally, she tells the couple that she killed Maggie. A stunned Maggie later learns that she had to be killed because she was also infected by The Whispering Evil, a Big Bad nickname devised by Future-Mel, and was using her powers to destroy others.

Abby reveals that evil will turn anyone into the darkest versions of himself, transforming in one click (at the The last of us) kind of monster. Neither fully human nor fully zombie, any infected witch or demon cannot be controlled. After the half-witch, half-demon explains the threat from the future, she too is attacked by an infected witch wearing leather boots. The witch turns out to be none other than a Future-Macy, who has since regained her fireball demon powers and used them to defeat Abby once and for all.

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Macy comes face to face with her infected self and is terrified of what she has become. Ever since Abby stole Macy’s demonic powers and used them to kill witches for revenge, Pleasure Fans wanted to see Abby punished by Macy. And in this episode, technically, Macy destroys Abby once and for all, which feels like a bit as the writers room paid for fan service.

Back in the present, Abby is still alive. However, now that the Charmed Ones have learned of the evil future, the same one the Perfecti tried to warn them about before the sisters sent them to the Tomb of Chaos, it might finally be time for them to bury the ax Abby to collectively focus on stopping. a plague that ends the world before it begins. In the future, five years to be exact, Abby joined a resistance led by Mel, so it is quite possible that Abby will be more of an asset than a curse soon for The Charmed Ones. At the very least, if 2026 Macy regained her demonic powers, then maybe Abby was telling the truth in “Chaos Theory” when she said that she would find a way to safely return Macy’s powers to her.

Pleasure stars Sarah Jeffery, Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans, Jordan Donica, Poppy Drayton, Mareya Salazar, and JJ Hawkins. The new episodes air on Fridays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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