With production underway on DC’s The Flash movie, Michael Keaton has been seen on set filming his long-awaited return as Bruce Wayne.

New DC set photos The flash reveal the first look at Michael Keaton’s return as Bruce Wayne. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen has been slated to host his own solo movie for years now, but The flash It has seen its fair share of difficulties on the way to the big screen. After several delays in starting production and switching directors, the DCEU movie has finally started filming with ThatAndy Muschietti behind the camera. Miller will return as Barry in his fourth outing from the DCEU, which is said to adapt the popular Flashpoint comic book storyline.

Due to Flashpoint, The flash It is expected to include several major DC heroes, including Keaton’s Batman. For years, Keaton’s rendition of the caped crusader has remained among the best, and fans were shocked to hear that he would return for The flash. As production began, photos from the set confirmed that the film will return to Wayne Manor, with Muschietti teasing Keaton’s Batman suit with a bloody image. Now, however, fans have their first glimpse of Keaton on set.

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Shared online by NewWestBoy (from The woman Sun), Unofficial set photos have revealed Keaton on the set of The flash. For this scene, Keaton is dressed as Bruce instead of Batman, in a distinguished suit. Exactly what he’s doing isn’t entirely clear, but seeing him there as Bruce is kind of exciting. Images from the set also show Miller and Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Check them out below.

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Keaton is expected to re-dress as Batman in The flash, but one almost hopes the reveal is saved for the movie itself. When The flash resumes with Bruce, it will have been several years since he was last seen on screen in Batman Returns. Much will have changed with him and hopefully The flash the curtain will draw on what has happened since that 1992 movie. Although the image above only shows a fragment of Keaton’s appearance, it still feels perfectly suited to the role of Bruce Wayne.

How Bruce de Keaton and Barry de Miller will intersect in The flash It remains to be seen, but with Flashpoint serving as the inspiration for the film, it seems likely that Barry’s swift forms will break the multiverse. Similar to Bruce from Ben Affleck (who will also be in The flash) on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Keaton’s version of the character can act as Barry’s mentor. After serving Gotham faithfully for years, Bruce probably has something to share about superhero life. Everything will be released next year. Hopefully while filming continues The flash, fans will see a few more glimpses of Keaton on set to help them out.

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