Whether it’s for the shocking value or the overall storytelling, the plot twists keep TV viewers coming back for more episodes. The best plot twists are the ones that no one sees coming. While viewers watched some of the plot twists from all four seasons of Good girls comes, the show has the knack of dropping the right twists and turns. Since the show’s inception, the show has offered more than just suburban moms who turn to crime.

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What started as a program that followed three mothers struggling to make ends meet for their families while engaging in robbery quickly turned into money laundering and violence. From the initial twist in season 1 that forced the girls to work for a crime boss, each shocking twist has made their journey even more difficult.

10 Boomer fakes his death

From episode 1, it became clear that Boomer was a trash person. It got worse when he blackmailed the girls. That’s why many fans were relieved when his wife, Mary Pat, ran him over with her minivan. After that, everyone thought he was dead and Beth became the number one murder suspect.

Turns out Boomer didn’t die. Instead, he fled to his mother’s attic. Boomer being alive was a plot twist created to help the main character. While it makes sense for the writers to find a way to keep Beth out of prison, bringing Boomer back didn’t contribute to the story. However, fans weren’t expecting to see him again.

9 Girls print money

Christina Hendricks Retta and Mae Whitman in Good Girls

By the end of season 2, the girls are pretty sure Rio is dead, or at least in prison. So instead of finally leaving the violent and dangerous life of crime, they choose to start printing their own money. At the end of season 2, viewers see Beth figuring out what it takes to turn a bunch of dollar bills into tens, but it’s not until season 3 that her operation is up and running.

This is a twist for Good girls because the girls have spent the previous two seasons trying to get out of money laundering. Now they have decided to do everything possible. While it wasn’t much of a surprise to Beth, who seems to be into crime too much, it was a bit shocking to see Ruby follow him. While Ruby needs more money than the other girls, the crime has put a great strain on her relationship with her family.

8 Lucy’s death

Lucy going back to llok on something

Part of Beth’s plan to print her own money was to create a printing plate. Enter Lucy, a quiet graphic designer who works alongside Beth at a stationery store. Lucy designs the plate and happily goes on her way, not knowing what she did. Then Rio comes back and needs a new printing plate. So, he takes Lucy hostage until she makes him one, promising that in the end he will let her go.

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Once the plate is done, Lucy, still believing in Rio, gets into her truck. However, Rio decides to kill her to teach the girls a lesson. This was a shock because up to this point, the girls have been good at preventing their friends from being killed. So there was always a little bit of hope that Lucy could go free and have to leave town. But his death only proved that in season 3, Rio was no longer playing well.

7 Rio’s son and family

River in good girls

Rio is a crime boss who sells drugs and launders money. He hangs out with dangerous people and gets into difficult situations. The last thing fans expected was that he, too, would be a family man. So his son running to him in the park in season 2 was a bit tricky. Then in season 4, he takes Beth to meet her family.

Considering the threats he’s made to Beth, Rio doesn’t seem like the type of man who would spend the afternoon with his son on the playground or have family dinner with grandmothers. These twists were added to humanize Rio, which he did, especially Beth. Seeing a fatherly, loving and caring side of him made him more than just a “crime boss.”

6 Stan’s life of crime

Stan Hill is a good man. He always does what he thinks is best for his family, including helping his criminal wife and friends. However, it is always clear that he does not agree with Ruby’s crimes. In season 4, he is forced to do his boss’s “dirty” job: collecting money and hitting faces. As you try to get out of this situation, you are presented with a deal that you cannot refuse.

Knowing that his family needs more money, Stan also falls prey to a life of crime. Then, in a twist of fate, he starts selling fake bags, making a decent profit. Stan has been one of the strongest voices of reason on the show, so watching him succumb to crime is a bit heartbreaking.

5 Beth shoots river

Beth and Rio in Good Girls

At the end of season 2, Rio kidnaps Agent Turner and demands that Beth shoot him. While Beth disagrees with killing Turner, not having him around would make things easier for the girls. However, after agonizing over what to do, Beth takes aim at Rio and shoots him.

While Rio is the reason the girls are in trouble, Beth turning to him shocked viewers. They always had a magnetic relationship. While Beth claims she wants out of the crime, it’s hard to believe she would shoot her. Also, the season 2 finale left viewers wondering if Rio was dead or alive.

4 Death of Agent Turner

Jimmy Turner good girls

After Beth shoots Rio, Agent Turner sends Beth home. Turner offers to call emergency services if Rio “owes him one.” Rio apparently accepts that offer and becomes an informant. However, Rio eventually sends Turner to a warehouse for a raid, but it was a setup. Turner dies, a twist that viewers didn’t see coming.

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Turner had been on the case since Season 1, and it looked like he was going to be a thorn in the girls’ side for the rest of the show. There might have been an opportunity for the agent to get his hands dirty and join the girls in catching Rio. Instead, however, Turner was played.

3 Rio kills the hitman

Rio sits on a red couch looking relaxed

The girls decide they need to get out of Rio’s control. So they hire a hit man. However, in season 4, things get a bit complicated when the FBI comes to investigate. After making a deal with the feds, Beth must prevent Rio from being suspicious, keep the FBI happy, and keep Rio alive.

In a surprising twist, Beth manages to convince Rio that the hitman she hired is actually the FBI. So naturally Rio fights back and kills the hit man. What made this plot twist work so well was that Rio, who is usually one step ahead of the girls, was unaware that they had hired a hit man. As a result, Rio didn’t see it coming, which was a real shock to fans.

two Rio’s brother

Beth smiles at Mick on the street

At the end of season 4, the girls believe they finally have Rio behind bars. However, the charges do not appear to be upheld and Rio is again released. The FBI learns that someone from above fired him, but they didn’t know who. Turns out the big man behind Rio is his brother, Nick.

When Nick is introduced, he appears as a perfectly normal city councilman doing community service to help at-risk youth. This is why it is so shocking when it is revealed that Nick could be the real crime boss.

1 Stealing the fine and frugal

Annie, Beth and Ruby look worried

Of course, the spin was what started it all: Rio’s money on Fine and Frugal. The girls have a hard time making money, so when they find more in the store safe that they are stealing, they think it’s just luck. But one of the biggest shocks of the series was when Beth found Rio waiting for her at her house.

At first, Good girls it seemed like a sitcom about three housewives who have to steal to make ends meet. Instead, it was always going to be a series about how they got sucked into the violent underworld of money laundering. Since that initial episode, the twists and turns keep coming.

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