Bruce Lee was known throughout his acting career by the nickname “Little Dragon”. This is where the martial arts legend got its name.

Throughout his acting career, Bruce Lee he was known by the nickname “Little Dragon, ”Particularly those in the Hong Kong area. Sometimes abbreviated to “the Dragon“For his fans, the most notable example being the title of the 1993 biopic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Bruce Lee’s association with the word did not originate from his role in his most famous film, Enter the DragoNorth. Instead, it goes back to his early days in the movie business. A lesser known fact about the martial arts legend is that he appeared on the big screen as early as the early 1940s when he was growing up in Hong Kong with his family. His father, a distinguished Chinese opera star named Lee Hoi-chuen, arranged for Lee to appear in a film titled Golden Gate Girl When I was just a baby This was followed by roles of increasing importance to Lee, who maintained a presence in the entertainment industry for most of his childhood and adolescence. Among the films he starred in during this period are The boy, The tragedy of an orphan, The electrical storm, Y The orphanage.

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It was during the 1950 launch The boy that Lee, at age 10, was first associated with the nameLittle Dragon”. As the first film in which he was the center of attention, it served as a great stepping stone in Bruce Lee’s child acting career. Since it plunged him into the limelight more than his previous performances, it was decided that Bruce Lee needed a new screen name. Born Lee Jun-fan, Lee was previously known as Little Hoi-chuen, after his father, but the nickname was replaced in Children opening credits with Li Long, which translates to Dragon Li. Soon after, he became Little Dragon Li due to his size. According to Bruce Lee: One Life From Matthew Polly, the young actor adopted his new screen name and insisted on using it, not only in the movies, but also in his personal life.

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As a result, everyone around him started calling Lee “Little Dragon”. As for why the term “Continue”He was specifically chosen, it is possible that, in addition to its importance in Asian culture, the motif is directly related to his birth. Lee was born not only in the hour, but also in the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

No matter, Bruce Lee was recognized by the public in Hong Kong as the Little Dragon for years to come. When he moved to start over in the United States, he had apparently left this stage of his life behind him. From the mid to late 1960s, his goal was to become a successful Hollywood star along the same lines as Steve McQueen, but when that didn’t work, he returned to Hong Kong and signed a film deal with Golden Harvest. Although his days as a child actor were far behind at this point, apparently not everyone had forgotten his reputation and his old nickname. Thanks in large part to both that and the Chinese appreciation of its role in The green Hornet, the Little Dragon reinvented himself as a kung fu superstar.

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