Jack ryan is a suspense series adapted from Tom Clancy’s books that revolves around the life of Jack Ryan, a multi-talented agent who embarks on an adventure to protect his country as a representative agent. The show’s first two seasons were widely acclaimed and fans are eagerly awaiting the new season to come out.

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While the series is a prequel to the stories in the books, fans are hoping it will catch up on the plot mentioned in the books. Needless to say, Jack Ryan has led a much more adventurous life in the book, from rising in the CIA to becoming president, he has done it all, and viewers want to see him achieve those things on the show as well.

10 Jack Ryan as President

Jack Ryan has been seen as an operative and really good at it, yet one story fans are very eager to see is him becoming the president.

In the books, Jack Ryan was named vice president when an attack on the Capitol resulted in the president’s unforeseen death; the same story led Jack to become president. Since his fate for the position is written in the novel, fans are expecting to see the same plot on screen.

9 Jack Ryan and Dr. Cathy Mueller

Jack Ryan and Dr. Cathy

Just like in the books, Dr. Cathy Mueller was Jack Ryan’s love interest in the show’s first season. However, her character was missing in the show’s second season. Fans found this very strange as she was not mentioned or removed from the show.

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Viewers are eager to have her back in season 3 and are beyond curious if the writers will mention the reason for Dr. Cathy’s absence during the season 2 time frame.

8 Jack Ryan and the Chinese expansionist government

Jack Ryan is called upon to preside over the role of the president and handle the mounting tensions with China. The aforementioned story is that the Chinese expansionist government is trying to gain control over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

President Jack’s last hope is The Campus, a covert organization with Jack Ryan Jr. The problem, however, is that The Campus’s identity has been compromised. It would be very intriguing to see how this plot unfolds on screen. The backstory of this plot, set long before Jack became president, can be made in season 3 with its eventual broadcast in later seasons.

7 Jack Ryan and the Vatican Treaty

One of the most interesting plots in the Jack Ryan books is that of the Vatican Treaty. Jack proposes a peace treaty to solve the problem between Israel and Palestine. Although they agree to adopt this idea, they do not give it credit, nevertheless Jack does his duty and proceeds to handle all situations with any complaints.

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Tom Clancy made sure to keep his plots relevant to the time the book was being written. Considering the situation in Palestine at the moment, adapting this plot with changes to keep the current events relevant could be a game changer for the show.

6 Jack Ryan and the Colombian drug cartel

After being appointed acting deputy director of the CIA, Jack Ryan learns that he is being kept in the dark about a ploy against the Colombian drug cartel. This story has him going against orders, planning undercover operations and mourning the death of the former CIA director.

This plot could be used to further Jack Ryan’s career and seeing him take on a drug cartel while keeping things under wraps could be exciting for viewers. The writers could also include real-life details to make the story more engaging.

5 Jack Ryan and the KGB

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan from the television series

Jack Ryan has had quite a few run-ins with the KGB on the books. From stopping an assassination attempt to defecting to a KGB president, he has had his fair share of misadventures.

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Seeing John Krasinski as Jack Ryan and taking on a foreign intelligence agency would be quite a sight. The locations and characters that would be introduced in this arc would have viewers encapsulated and on the edge of their seats to see what happens next.

4 Jack Ryan as National Security Advisor

The National Security Advisor position is one that has been tainted by those who held this position before. Previous holders of this rank have committed acts of treason and completely spoiled the reputation of this position.

Jack Ryan, being the ideal of duty that he is, would be the only person who can recover the image of this position. He was not only able to do justice to this status, but also handle conflicts with other countries with grace, which very few are capable of.

3 Jack Ryan and the royal family

In the books, Jack Ryan has accompanied the Royal Family a ton of times and ensured their safety. Given the recent separation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the Royal Family, the showrunners could adapt the plot to introduce them to the series and replace the Prince and Princess of Wales from the original plot in the books.

This would add a certain level of drama to the show while still being relevant to recent times. Fans would get a taste of the book without getting lost in the story that it was and instead get involved in the story that is currently being written.

two Jack Ryan’s tour around the world

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan TV series

The stories in the books take place in different parts of the planet. Until now, very few of these countries have adapted on screen. Viewers are excited to see Jack Ryan travel the world for his various adventures.

They want you to travel to places other than the Middle East and see different places with unique geographic landscapes. From Russia to Europe and even Asian countries, the plot can be modified to include many of these nations. Creators can also use the sea and show how, no matter the terrain, Jack Ryan will always save the day.

1 Jack Ryan and John Clark

michael b jordan remorseless tom clancy movie

No regrets is the introductory novel about John Clark. It presents his origin story and gives details about him as a Navy SEAL. John Clark and Jack Ryan are from the same universe and then they work together.

Jack Ryan season 3 could portray certain John Clark plots and at the same time show Jack Ryan’s life at the time. The crossover could serve as the basis for John’s character and could be a great addition to the plot.

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