Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem makes shocking revelations about the island, changing everything about the first heroes and how they obtained their powers.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem # 1, by Mark Millar, Tommy Lee Edwards, John Workman and John Paul Leon, out now.

In the From Jupiter Legacy franchise, a mysterious island off the Moroccan coast gave Sheldon, Walt, Grace, and the other early heroes their powers. They would become the However, From Jupiter Legacy: Requiem makes shocking revelations that change everything we know about the first generation of heroes and those that came after.

In the past, Sheldon’s team discovered that the island was a machine that went through a portal to meet tall aliens who empowered them. This would make them the initial heroes of this world, with Sheldon as the utopian and then crafting his Code of No Killing. He felt that this was a gift from the celestial beings, so they had to fulfill that divine purpose of helping humanity, as the aliens viewed humanity as fragile gems.

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Alien from Jupiter's legacy

However, it turns out they are not benevolent gods at all – these aliens were acolytes of something dark. It is revealed when an older Jason, also known as the New Utopian, digs up Sheldon’s corpse to extract his memories. Walt’s skull was fried when the Union fell, so Chloe and Hutch’s first child thinks he can use his great-uncle to find out what really happened on the island, which has disappeared from the web.

This was something Hutch’s father Skyfox was also obsessed with before Walt killed him. Now Jason needs the mystery solved as he wants to know who created them, why, and what this has to do with the passing of powers with each generation. His sister, Sophie, goes through the corpse’s mind, but finds many walls that block the truth. Amazingly, they get to the core and see the aliens gather and greet their ancestors. In particular, there is a leader connected to a machine, whose Sheldon tries to befriend.

But in an instant, the acolytes attack them with this alien overlord impaling and skinning Sheldon. It’s even scarier when the minions then slit each other’s throats, causing Sophie’s connection to break. It leaves her petrified and Jason worried, as he often wonders if they are experiments in a simulation.

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However, rather than being humans, it appears that the original group could have been seeded alien-human clones or hybrids. This bomb could affect all survivors in the future, and further complicating matters is the Mother Box-like device that Sheldon found on Jupiter’s moon. Jason has been trying to decipher its secrets because he believes he is in tune with the island and its creators.

Interestingly enough, Chloe has been called out of the world thanks to a distress signal, it is hinted that her family will dive deep into aliens to find out why they were actually put on this planet. From the evidence so far and the way their puppeteers have been manipulating them, it does not appear that they have been empowered by the goodness of the aliens’ hearts.

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