Ms. Marvel debuted in Marvel Comics in 2013 and quickly became one of the main heroes of the Marvel Universe. Alongside Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, the two remain the faces of teenage superheroes in The Champions, while both also appear with The Avengers. However, Ms. Marvel doesn’t have a huge rogues gallery like other heroes have.

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Kamala Khan is a character who deals with her friends and social problems at school almost more than fighting supervillains. However, that doesn’t mean that Ms. Marvel doesn’t have specific villains for her character, both those with superpowers and those who have made her life difficult over the years.

10 The inventor

The inventor who supports Ms. Marvel's family.

The Inventor debuted in Mrs. Marvel Vol. 3 # 5 and was one of Ms. Marvel’s weirdest villains. The origin was insane, as Gregory Knox tried to create a Thomas Edison clone, but it all went wrong when the DNA got mixed up with Knox’s cockatoo.

The result was a human / cockatoo hybrid with a genius-level intellect. While using the name Thomas Edison, The Inventor used teenage volunteers to act as the battery for a machine he built to create robots that would attack the city.

9 Doc.X

Ms Marvel vs Doc X in a tribute to Mario Bros.

Doc.X debuted in Mrs. Marvel Vol. 4 # 14 by G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa. Doc.X was not human. Instead, she was a sensitive computer virus created by the game administrator. Battlecraft world.

When AI began to learn by itself by observing others, it took control of various networks and devices in New York. When Doc.X blackmailed Kamala Khan, learning her secret identity and threatening her friends, Ms. Marvel had to make up her mind to stop the villain.

8 Doctor faust

Doctor Faustus seated in a chair.

Johann Fennhoff is Doctor Faustus, a villain who first appeared in Captain America # 107 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. While he has been around for much longer than Kamala Khan, he became an enemy of Ms. Marvel when she tried to establish a new Hydra operation in New Jersey before the Secret empire event.

He kidnapped Ms. Marvel’s friend Bruno when she found out about Hydra, and Ms. Marvel came in and stopped them. Mrs. Marvel Vol. 4.

7 Government

The young heroes of Marvel's Outlawed.

While he is not a supervillain, there has been no one more disturbing in Ms. Marvel’s life than the current United States government. After the Secret empire In the event, Kamala Khan returned to the school and Roxxon’s Asgardian Dragon attacked the school, putting Khan in a coma. As a result, the United States government created the Kamala Law.

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This law prohibited any underage superhero from operating as a vigilante without a mentor. Teenagers who did not follow the law ended up locked up in a reprogramming center, and this was all done on behalf of Kamala.


CRADLE is coming for Mrs. Marvel.

When the Kamala Law began, the government worked with Roxxon to create an independent security force called CRADLE to arrest and lock up vigilante teen superheroes operating outside the law. However, this group went too far most of the time. They arrested high school students who wouldn’t sign a deal to rat out their friends, and Captain America had to save them.

As for Ms. Marvel, she faced the strongest of all, WWII hero Dum Dum Dugan. It was Ms. Marvel who convinced Dugan that he was on the wrong side this time.

5 Becky St. Jude

Police arrest Becky St Jude.

Ms. Marvel began when she met Carol Danvers after obtaining her powers through the Terrigen mists. This put her in a difficult situation in the second Civil war. Captain Marvel put Kamala in charge of a team of volunteers who correctly used the visions of Ulysses. Becky St. Jude was the leader of that group.

Becky was completely loyal to Captain Marvel’s goal of stopping people before they committed crimes, and Ms. Marvel doubted the whole situation. Ms. Marvel refused to continue supporting Carol and had Becky, who now goes by the name Lockdown, arrested for posing as a law enforcement officer.

4 Kamran

Kamran talking to Ms. Marvel.

Kamran was possibly Ms. Marvel’s most dangerous villain, because he really liked her. Kamala’s parents invited old friends to visit her and Kamala met their son Kamran. The two developed a close friendship and bonded, eventually dating as well. It was then that he learned that he, too, was an Inhuman.

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Kamran could move between his human form and a body made of glowing blue energy, which he could then transfer to something else that would explode. However, Kamran ended up being part of an extremist terrorist organization that wanted to overthrow Attilan. Eventually, Kamran turned his attention to Kamala’s family, becoming a dangerous foe.

3 Kaboom

Kaboom attacking Mrs. Marvel.

Kaboom was a villain that Ms. Marvel faced after exploring her connection to the Inhumans. Kaboom was a member of a radical inhuman terrorist organization that wanted to overthrow Queen Medusa and show her superiority over humans.

Appearing for the first time in Mrs. Marvel Vol. 3 # 13 by G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa, helped break Kamala’s heart by working with Kamran, who liked Khan. Kamala was so angry when she fought Kaboom that he was one of the few villains Ms. Marvel released, hitting the villain with such force that she broke her neck.

two Roxxon

Roxxon at Marvel Comics.

Ms. Marvel’s most dangerous villain is not a supervillain, but a successful corporation. Roxxon Energy Corporation first debuted in Captain America # 180 in 1974. However, they have become an important part of the Marvel Universe when it comes to young heroes.

They are the corporation that convinced the government to ban young heroes due to their battles with the Champions. They also helped coin the term Kamala’s Law, and have used Ms. Marvel as an unwitting face of their evil plans to take down all the young heroes.

1 Stormranger

Stormranger approaches Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel has a doppelganger that is more powerful than Kamala Khan herself. Stormranger is Venom’s version of Kamala Khan, but instead of an alien symbiote creating a disguise with a mind of its own, Stormranger was a Nanosuit with a mind of its own.

Much like when Venom became Spider-Man’s most hated enemy when he rejected the alien, Stormranger became Ms. Marvel’s greatest enemy when he rejected the battle suit. Stormranger set out to destroy Ms. Marvel for this rejection, but she recently left Earth to move on with her existence.

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