The protagonist of My hero academia, Izuku Midoriya, is a (relatively) less aggressive shonen leader, but that doesn’t mean that he will avoid using force to win a fight. In fact, it’s quite common for him to max out his Quirk in order to save someone’s life, despite the great risks involved in pushing One For All beyond its limits.

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However strong he is, what shines the brightest is Izuku’s overwhelming joy – he’s excitable, anxious, and most importantly, he doesn’t shy away from showing his emotions. But this very fact sets him apart from his battle-oriented comrades and paints a multi-dimensional picture of Izuku’s personality.

10 His continuous murmur

My Hero Academia - Deku muttering to himself

Because he was born without a gift, Izuku is forced to adjust to his future accordingly. He gathers information on heroes and villains in his iconic Hero Analysis for the Future notebook, and is quite dedicated to the task.

However, Izuku tends to start muttering strategies and random factors, especially when he needs to make a crucial decision. The fast pace of his murmurs may irritate his friends, but he is very attractive to fans.

9 Izuku finds out about his UA exam results

My Hero Academia - Deku crying after entering UA

Izuku behaves in unexpected ways during the UA entrance exams: he ignores the most crucial point of the test, scoring points. When Ochaco is in danger from the zero point robot, Izuku decides to save his life by attacking the monstrous entity head on.

He defeats him, but scores no points at the end of the round. Izuku is understandably devastated to miss his chance, but All Might reminds him that his rescue act managed to give him enough points to pass UA and Izuku is beside himself with joy.

8 His attempts to befriend little Kota

My Hero Academia - Deku carrying Kota

During the Forest Training Camp Arc, Izuku is the only member of Class 1-A who shows interest in a little boy named Kota. Izuku learns that Kota had lost his parents to a villain and internally promises himself that he will turn the boy into a hero again.

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Izuku’s attempts are genuine and poignant, as he tries to convince Kota of the many virtues of being a hero. However, all this goodwill is ignored until Muscular tries to hurt Izuku and Kota.

7 Izuku mimics All Might’s expression and mannerism to perfection

My Hero Academia - Deku imitates All Might

When All Might asks Izuku to recall the events of the day the One For All was transferred, he obviously wants his successor to understand that there are multiple layers to his Quirk.

On the other hand, Izuku chooses this point to represent an almost perfect imitation of All Might’s appearance (severe facial features, toothpaste and smile and shadowed eyes). This moment is immeasurably tender, but it also highlights the masterful range of Izuku’s comedy skill set.

6 He dons a costume while searching for Kacchan

My Hero Academia - Deku in Disguise

After Bakugo is kidnapped by the League of Villains, a motley gang from Class 1-A set out to bring him back. Tenya, Shoto, Eijiro, and Momo accompany Izuku on his “undercover” mission. In Kamino Ward, the group disguises themselves to avoid detection, and the one Izuku chooses is a mix of comical and lovable.

He plays a ruffian character, complete with a gold chain, sunglasses, and a fake goatee; He even practices speaking roughly. The only thing that makes this scene cuter is that Eijiro tells Izuku to “stick out his jaw more”.

5 Izuku clings to All Might’s leg

My Hero Academia - Deku holding on to All Might

Izuku meets his idol for the first time when he is attacked by a villain and unsurprisingly, he is shocked to see All Might in front of him in the flesh. He asks for an autograph, which is granted, but then All Might leaves the scene for some reason.

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Not knowing what else to do, Izuku grabs his hero’s leg and takes him off on the flight. The pair have a hilarious interaction that culminates in All Might leaving Izuku in a building.

4 Accept the meaning of his hero name

Bakugo has referred to Izuku as Deku for many years, implying that the latter’s uselessness deserves to be known as a “useless person”. After enrolling in UA and building more (and better) friendships, Izuku experiences something that he had lacked in his life: peace of mind.

Ochaco mentions that the word Deku is similar to “dekiru”, which suggests a positive attitude. Izuku resonates with his statement to such an extent that he announces that Deku is his hero name, a sweet scene for all who watch.

3 Izuku makes Eri smile

Eri has been unable to smile, even after being rescued from the violently abusive Kai Chisaki, and Izuku refuses to accept the state of affairs. He asks Eraser Head to allow Eri at the next School Festival.

She welcomes the invitation and is curious to meet all the heroes who played a significant role in the defeat of Overhaul. Izuku is held back by a sudden attack from Gentle Criminal and La Brava, but when he arrives at the festival, he sees Eri smiling again. The expression on Izuku’s face is as cute as hers.

two Officially inherits one for all

My Hero Academia - Deku hugging All Might

All Might offers Izuku a chance to be a superpowered hero by inheriting One For All, an opportunity the young man seizes (after some deliberation, of course). Over the course of ten months, Izuku gains a much stronger body than ever. , which, along with his enormous confidence, makes him eligible for All Might’s Quirk.

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The actual transferring process is anticlimactic and involves you eating a lock of blonde hair, but the scene below is quite charming. Although it is a roller coaster, it is clear that Izuku’s dream is just beginning and there is much more to achieve.

1 Izuku constantly encourages and motivates his friends

My Hero Academia - Deku, Ochaco and Tenya drop out of school

Izuku is generally one of the most lovable characters in the series, best exemplified by the way he treats his friends and loved ones. He can be a bit enthusiastic at times, but his good qualities far outshine any demerits.

Izuku possesses boundless compassion for every human being and does not shy away from displaying his feelings. As much as people tease him for being a crybaby, it is this empathy that allows Izuku to make everyone around him feel good about themselves. There are very few things more beautiful than that.

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