Riverdale is a teen drama full of interesting characters who share a lot of history and humor with each other. While some aspects of the show are serious and intense, many fans have turned some of the most iconic quotes on the show into hilarious memes. From Cheryl and her confident and cheeky comments, to Jughead and her sarcastic and socially awkward words, there are memorable quotes that fans use to poke fun at the show or sometimes incorporate it into their everyday vocabulary.

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While some of these quotes are only used for memes and fun, many of them are so memorable that they end up living rent-free on the heads of fans.

10 “Listen, Fives, a ten is speaking.” -Cheryl

Cheryl is the type of person who walks into a room and demands attention. While a group of girls were talking, Cheryl tells them this quote, stating that she is the prettiest girl and should have all eyes on her.

While the girls obviously didn’t enjoy her barging in and taking over the conversation, they stopped and listened to her anyway. Cheryl’s self-confidence radiates from her, though she can seem a bit strong at times.

9 “Betty’s ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.” -Kevin

An image of Kevin Keller from Riverdale

All fans have thought of Betty’s ponytail as an iconic image, but Kevin isn’t afraid to say it out loud and proud.

Kevin is a charismatic and outgoing character on the show. Kevin has his own interesting story on the show, but one of its most iconic lines is about Betty. He is loyal and knows the social environment very well, even when it comes to Betty and her signature hairstyle.

8 “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in and I don’t want to fit in.” -Jughead

Jughead says he's a Riverdale freak

One of the most popular Riverdale quotes and memes, Jughead’s words are a fan favorite. Jughead is a socially awkward person who keeps a lot of secrets, and there is no doubt that many characters and fans think of him as a bit strange.

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However, Jughead is socially aware of who he is and openly admits that he doesn’t fit in with the crowd. However, the way he says it is hilarious and has turned into a host of memes and jokes that are still used to this day.

7 “Did you want fire? Sorry Cheryl Bombshell, my specialty is ice.” -Veronica

Veronica cares about her friends and will do everything possible to protect them. So when Cheryl gets in the way, Veronica makes it clear that she doesn’t play well.

While this may seem like a cheesy date, it fits in coming from Veronica, especially when it comes to taking on Cheryl. And while Veronica came to the show with good intentions, she later becomes something of a villain, which fits her cheeky date.

6 “I feel like the prettiest girl in the dance.” -Archie

Archie is a loyal and loving person to his friends and family. He is willing to risk his life for his loved ones, and he has shown it many times.

While he can be reckless at times, Archie’s sacrifices stem from good intentions. So when Archie drops a comment like this, it’s refreshing to see him being funny and getting carried away. Also, it is a very memorable quote that fans still know and love.

5 “What? Sarcastic humor is just my way of relating to the world.” -Jughead

Jughead riverdale in treatment

Jughead has some black humor and is quite cynical, but he’s not afraid to admit it. Many fans remember this quote because it is relatable to them.

Often approaching important situations with a sardonic kind of humor is what people do to cope with it, and Jughead seems to be that kind of person. Betty seems to understand, but for others, it is difficult to define. Sometimes a character like this is a breath of fresh air compared to other characters trying to take on the weight of the world.

4 “Betty couldn’t do it. So she sent me instead.” -Betty

Planning their revenge, Betty and Veronica meet Chuck, who had done some damage in the past to Veronica and Polly, Betty’s sister. However, Betty makes a grand entrance in a black wig and tells Chuck that Betty was unable to attend.

As they get revenge, Betty’s bad side comes to light and Veronica has to stop her from doing anything she regrets. Fans remember this scene because of Betty’s change in attitude. Not only was it so intense, Betty talking about herself in the third person made the date even better.

3 “I was born alone. I will die alone. I will sing alone. I will be fine.” -Archie

Riverdale archie

While Archie has made his mistakes, he has experienced a lot of trauma in his life. From being abused to watching his father die, Archie has struggled with PTSD and figured out what to do with his life.

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There is a hint of sadness surrounding this quote, but when it ends by saying that it will be fine, there are some feelings of hope for Archie. As he struggles with his personal life and his passion for making music his career, what will happen will be fine and fans will find comfort in his words.

two “I don’t follow the rules. I make them. And when necessary, I break them.” -Veronica


Veronica seems to be getting along with Chuck, but a photo later reveals that he seems to be turning against her. Full of rage, Veronica won’t let Chuck get away with it.

As Betty tries to calm her down, Veronica tells her that she is always one to follow the rules, but not her. Nothing can stop Veronica when she’s determined and instead of sulking, she gets down to business. She is not one to be scared of people, and Veronica always aims to win their arguments.

1 “I want to be a role model for all people. Even those who need a lot of makeup.” -Cheryl

Cheryl is overconfident and sometimes her comments go too far. However, it is usually a good quote. Cheryl confesses that she wants to be a role model, but has to specify even people who need makeup.

She is always up to date the newest clothes and it holds up well. Nonetheless, Cheryl is incredibly self-absorbed, always thinking about herself and how she can use people to her advantage, but maybe this quote shows that, somewhere, she has a slightly selfless heart.

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