Shazam’s character has been around since Superman and Batman. Originally known as Captain Marvel, he was created by Fawcett Comics and was immediately successful in his hands, as his comic even outsold Superman for a time. However, when Fawcett went under, DC Comics chose the character and eventually changed his name to Shazam.

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Despite celebrating its 80th birthday in 2019, Shazam’s rogues gallery isn’t quite as deep as Superman or Batman, who both joined the comics the same year. However, there are some interesting villains that Shazam has faced over the years that stood the test of time.

10 Mr mind

Mr Mind with his radio.

Mister Mind is a fascinating Venusian worm who came to Earth and teamed up with Doctor Sivana to become one of Shazam’s most dangerous foes. However, as a little worm, there is nothing good about Mister Mind, even though it was a fun surprise at the end of the DCEU. Shazam! movie.

It first appeared in 1943 and returned in modern times in The Power of Shazam! # 12 in 1996. Today, Mister Mind is responsible for many of the members of the Council of Eternity, including Solomon.

9 Doctor Sivana

Dr. Sivana at DC Comics.

Doctor Sivana is Shazam’s most notable enemy, and was the villain in the Shazam! DCEU movie. In the comics, Sivana is much older and frail than in the movie, where Mark Strong played him.

Appearing for the first time in 1940, it returned in The Power of Shazam! graphic novel in 1994 as a wealthy scientific genius who killed Billy Batson’s parents. He returned much more formidable in League of Justice Vol. 2 # 7 as Black Adam’s enemy.

8 Crocodile man

Crocodile man in an office.

Crocodile Man first appeared in 1943, a humanoid crocodile from a planet called Punkus. He was initially part of Mister Mind’s Monster Evil Society, but eventually left the life of crime and joined a circus.

DC brought him back in 2020 when he appeared on Shazam! Vol. 3 # 12 and he looked very different, wearing a nice suit and trying to attack a museum. He kept the same past, as an alien on Earth with superhuman strength and fangs.

7 Nazi captain

Nazi captain fighting Shazam.

One of Shazam’s previous villains was the man known as Captain Nazi. Appeared in Comics master # 1 in 1941 and was a villain that Shazam could fight similarly to Red Skull in Captain America comic books. It was the counterpart of Captain Marvel, developed by Adolf Hitler’s super soldier experiment.

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In 1995 The Power of Shazam! # 5 Captain Nazi’s brother and granddaughter took him out of suspended animation and put him against Shazam again.

6 The seven capital sins

Dr. Sivana presents The Seven Deadly Sins.

Viewers of Shazam! He also met the Seven Deadly Sins when Doctor Sivana brought them after Shazam. They appeared in the Prime Earth universe in League of Justice Vol. 2 # 14. Villains represent each of humanity’s seven deadly sins: sloth, gluttony, anger, envy, greed, pride, and lust.

They came as enemies of the mythical Pandora, but above all they are known for their time fighting against Shazam. Its first appearance came in 1940 with the same origin as the film, demons captured as statues that came to life.

5 Sabbac

SABBAC blowing fire.

Sabbac is similar to Shazam in that his name is based on different powerful characters. While Shazam’s name is based on his powers, each of a different god, Sabbac’s name is based on demons from hell who gave him powers: Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis.

His first appearance was in 1943 and he returned in Outsiders Vol. 3 # 8 in 2004, where he ended up fighting the Outsiders instead of Shazam.

4 Radiance

Blaze looks threatening.

Lady Blaze is one of Shazam’s newer villains, she doesn’t appear in the original 1940s story, but she does appear in the modern era. She is the sister of Lord Satanus and the daughter of the wizard Shazam. She first appeared in Action comics # 655 in 1990, disguising herself as a human named Angelica Blaze to steal souls.

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Blaze ended up fighting Shazam and Superman as a deadly and dangerous villain. In the mainstream universe, Blaze reappeared in Supergirl Vol. 6 # 27 where he led the battle to Supergirl and Lobo.

3 Sabina de la croix

Sabina De La Croix looking wicked.

Sabina De La Croix is ​​a new enemy for Shazam, as she first appeared in The Trials of Shazam! # 3 in 2006. As with many Shazam villains, his powers were based on magic. His father was the demon necromancer Marius De La Croix and his sorceress wife Becca De La Croix.

The Merlin Council found her parents and burned them alive and then realized that Sabina was a Fury, a powerful magical warrior. The Council of Merlin sent her to take over Shazam after Billy Batson rose to prominence and she went to battle with Freddie Freeman, Billy’s champion.

two Ibac

Ibac hits Shazam.

Ibac is another classic villain, first appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures # 8 in 1942 when Lucifer gave him his powers to fight Shazam. Like Shazam, his name is based on his sources of power, Ivan the Terrible, Cesare Borgia, Attila the Hun, and Caligula.

I was back in 1995 The Power of Shazam! # 1 and most recently returned with a new look in the story of Black Adam restoring rule to his Kahndaq home.

1 Black adam

Black Adam flying in the air.

Shazam’s biggest villain and the one that fans love the most is Black Adam. Not only is Black Adam a popular villain, but he’s cool enough to garner the attention of Dwayne Johnson, who will take on the role in the DCEU. It first appeared in 1945 in Marvel Family # 1, but it really became his in the modern age.

He was one of the main characters in the year-long series of events. 52 where he ruled over his beloved Kahndaq, while the governments of the world tried to overthrow him. In the mainstream universe, Black Adam is both an antihero and a Shazam villain.

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