Riot Games recently announced the new Valorant Agent, the KAY / O robotic war machine, which brings a skill kit focused on controlling battle.

Riot Games has revealed valuing‘s The newest agent, KAY / O, who appears to be a practice robot that gained sensibility, perhaps to get a reward for players’ time on the Range. He is the seventeenth agent to join the cast of valuing and it brings several abilities that could shake up the current meta game in the upcoming season. While some of these are similar to the abilities of the pre-existing Agents kits, KAY / O adds its own twists to ensure a unique and original skill set.

valuing s KAY / O reveals trailers for a mix of scenes and gameplay. In a very “Dormammu, I have come to negotiateIn the action sequence, KAY / O is seen adjusting to his various kills against opposing Agents. His backstory appears to involve a world ruined by Radiants, with his mission emphasizing the suppression of his abilities. The skills in KAY / O’s kit only reinforce this mission directive, as he works to control the battlefield.

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KAY / O’s E ability is Zero / Point, allowing him to throw a suppression knife that sticks to the first surface it hits. After a brief period, detonate and suppress agents caught in the blast radius. It is unknown if Zero / Point affects friendly agents, but given the friendly flashbangs in other kits can blind teammates, KAY / O players will probably need to be careful. KAY / O’s Q ability is called Flash / Drive, which acts as a flash bang that can be cooked prematurely with a right click to speed up its activation time. Similar to peer flashbang valuing Agent Skye, KAY / O’s Flash / Drive gives players more control over detonation to help prevent friendly blinds. Unfortunately, KAY / O still adds another flash ability to the game, something the valuing the community is less than excited.

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Death is not the end for KAY / O by Valorant

The KAY / O’S C ability is Frag / Ment, another projectile intended to push enemy agents out of key positions. True to its name, Frag / Ment is a fragmentation grenade that sticks to the ground and detonates in a frenzy of explosions. The closer the players are to the center of the explosion, the more damage it deals to them. This skill will be vital for blocking areas of interest, clearing enemies off high ground, or clearing corners for teammates to progress safely. KAY / O is not the first agent to be equipped with a grenade, as valuing s Raze and Killjoy have versions of harmful projectiles or traps that can be used in a similar way. It is not yet known if these three agents will serve as counterattacks against each other or simply create another explosive team composition.

KAY / O’s final skill explains a valuing mechanic leaked several months ago: the “Shot down“status. Its maximum ability is called Null / CMD. When activated, KAY / O overloads itself and emits pulses of energy around its body. Enemies hit with these pulses have their abilities suppressed for a short time. Perhaps the greatest attraction of Null / CMD is that teammates can revive KAY / O if they are defeated while overloaded. This will require that overloaded KAY / O corpses be guarded for some time, effectively occupying a member (or several) of the enemy teams. until the Null / CMD times out.

It seems that KAY / O will not disappoint as the seventeenth agent of valuing, using familiar mechanics but giving them a unique touch. By doing this, KAY / O ensures his independence from the rest of the cast, but could still introduce changes to the meta. KAY / O will be available on June 22 as part of valuing s Episode 3, Act 1.

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