Even if circumventing the GPU shortage allows for higher throughput, a Switch Pro is just too tempting for resellers to pass up. Hobbyists must prepare for the shortage.

Many gamers are enthusiastic about the notion of Switch Pro, a console that is rumored to be able to provide a 4K upgrade to the Switch, but resellers are likely excited as well. While E3 has passed without any confirmation of such hardware, fans waiting for this new console may want to moderate their expectations of getting one anytime near its launch. The current wave of console shortages facing the PlayStation 5 could easily affect the availability of the Switch Pro as well, revisiting the elusiveness of the original Wii at the time of its debut, but exacerbated by the new wave of robot-assisted and organized resellers.

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It has been more than seven months since the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony hit the market, and due to the organized efforts of reseller resellers and their bots and even entire teams of resellers, some still turn to the aftermarket for consoles. Xbox Series X and PS5. While the shortage of a Switch Pro could be mitigated if it doesn’t use cutting-edge GPUs like the X Series and the PS5, a high-profile Nintendo console launch seems destined to attract resellers as well. Even if Nintendo did make a surprise announcement of the launch of a Switch Pro in a month, it could still be many more months before it’s really in the hands of the typical gamer, unless they resort to paying the huge profit margins of the secondary market.

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Due to the timing of the Xbox Series X and S consoles and PS5 systems released during the pandemic, sales were largely limited to online transactions. Even now, with the vaccine widely available in the US, most retail chains don’t stock the new consoles on their shelves and limit those purchases to their online stores. PS5 availability is tracked by numerous websites, with rumors about restock dates and times, and even prospective buyers who follow those news sources often find them out of stock before they can finalize their purchase. The only particularly reliable method of purchasing a PS5 is through sites like Ebay and StockX, where resellers openly resell the systems at prices that are generally $ 300 above the retail price, if not a lot of higher.

Switch Pro could end up with Scalpers like PS5

Will the Nintendo Switch Pro launch reflect Sony's PS5 fiasco?  Numerous PS5 consoles stocked by Scalpers Image

The shortage problem is not limited to console gamers, as the GPU shortage also affects those who play on gaming PCs. Nintendo’s current Switch did not attempt to directly compete with the specs of the previous Xbox One and PS4 consoles, so it is doubtful that the Switch Pro is on the same hardware level as the Xbox Series X or PS5, which could make it less susceptible to shortage. But while there are many unknowns about the Switch Pro (even if such a thing is in Nintendo’s plans), even in a scenario where the console is rumored to use older and more available components, the actual availability to consumers still It could be a problem.In any hypothetical situation where more Switch Pro systems hit the market compared to their Microsoft and Sony counterparts, it could simply result in more of them being stocked by resellers.

The Switch has already achieved success in its current form, and it has often been the case that a Nintendo console with that level of consumer adoption will have a mid-generation redesign. This has been especially consistent for Nintendo’s line of portable consoles. As the Switch merged Nintendo’s home and portable console lines, it’s not hard to believe that the rumored Switch Pro would act as the follow-up to the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite offered a cheaper, smaller version of the Switch, which lacks its ability to dock to a TV, and is available on store shelves quite regularly. Similarly, the inexpensive Xbox Series S is somewhat easier to obtain than the more powerful Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, which are largely not available for purchase through mainstream retailers.

It stands to reason that a more powerful and more sought-after Switch Pro would be an attractive target for resellers. None of the efforts to avoid reseller purchases appear to have had a significant impact on the availability of the PS5 or Series X to most consumers, so Nintendo fans may want to prepare for the same. If a Switch Pro If the update hits the market, players may have to wait months before it becomes available at retail price or expect to pay the same predatory priced models as PS5s sold by resellers.

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