Amazons Attack saw Wonder Woman caught in the middle of a massive and deadly war between the United States and the Amazons.

Thanks to their long lives, connection to the mystical arts, amazing inventions, and perfected training, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Amazons are among the most formidable beings in the DC Universe. This means that the possibility of them waging war against any other nation becomes a real cause for concern. Attack of the Amazons by Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods revealed just how gruesome a full-scale war between the Amazons and the United States could become, and how quickly it could spiral out of control.

Wonder Woman led directly to the events of Infinite Crisis with a violent act that divided much of the world’s opinions about her: the Amazon was forced to assassinate Maxwell Lord to stop her control over Superman, saving Batman’s life. The act was recorded and released to the world, causing numerous people to turn against him, including Brother-Eye, who unleashed an army of OMAC to attack Themyscira. With few options to preserve her people and her home, Wonder Woman convinced the goddess Athena to take Paradise Island and the Amazons to another dimension, far from the rest of the world. However, Diana Prince stayed behind and tried to fight for the world that had turned against her people.

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This ultimately resulted in the Department of Metahuman Affairs, a branch of the US government led by Sarge Steel, capturing her and trying to force her to build Themyscarian weapons (such as the Purple Death Ray). Knowing that this fate would enrage the Amazons and lead them to rash action, the traitorous sorceress Circe arrived on Paradise Island and revealed what had happened to Queen Hippolyta. Enraged by the audacity of the United States to imprison her daughter, Hupployta called for an attack on Washington DC, more or less pitting her nation against the United States in open warfare. Wonder Woman was freed by Steve Trevor shortly before the invasion began, but was unable to get her mother to stop the conflict.

The attack began in Washington DC, with everything from soldiers to civilians to children being massacred. The initial assault was a bloody and successful campaign: Hippolyta beheaded the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol building was destroyed, and the president of the United States was nearly assassinated by a couple of Amazon. Fortunately, the Justice League arrived in time to save him, but Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, and Supergirl’s attempts to negotiate peace with Hippolyta fell on deaf ears.

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The conflict escalated when the Bana, an extremist group of Amazonian warriors embittered against the world of man, arrived after causing further chaos in the United States (including damaging a nuclear reactor and burning most of Kansas). A spell from Circe locked away much of the city from the rest of the world, prompting Batman to use a gift Zatanna gave him to disable his mystical abilities for an hour. As the president of the United States healed from an attack (and ordered civil liberties violations against women accused of having connections to the Amazons), a final battle broke out between Diana and her mother. Athena finally descended from the skies just as Hippolyta finally agrees to stop the attack, but it is too little, too late.

After banishing Circe to Hades, Athena punishes the Amazons by removing them from this plane of reality, proclaiming them victims of the battle. The only true Amazon left on Earth afterward is Wonder Woman, who sadly resumes her work as a heroine. Athena is giving a warning to the US military about their actions, reminding the Justice League that the brief war was terrible and even the heroes were forced to sacrifice some of their morale. The war did massive damage to the eyes of the Amazons in the world and made it even worse with the reveal that Granny Goodness of Apokolips actually replaced Athena and impersonated her, dragging the Amazons to the next. Countdown to the final crisis event, making your ultimate loss even more painful.

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