The manhwa are manga-style comics that hail from South Korea. Manhwa has an artistic style very different from Japanese manga and uses Korean cultural influences in his work. Due to Korea’s unique narrative preferences, a manhwa can feel like a breath of fresh air for manga fans.

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Manhwa’s stories are often very different from those found in Japanese manga, with many exploring mature themes and focusing on adult-based narratives. The Manhwa authors are not afraid to cast female leads, something manga struggle with. It’s one of the many things that helps separate it from its Japanese counterpart.

Updated June 21, 2021 by Anthony Mazzuca: Manhwa has been gaining strength in recent years, gaining followers who enjoy his more mature storytelling than typical manga offers. It has given way to many strong female leads who help lead their respective titles to greatness.

fifteen The fascinating ghost doctor has a clue that mercilessly kills her enemies

fascinating ghost doctor

Fascinating ghost doctor It is not the typical power fantasy of a man with rippling muscles winning every fight and winning every woman’s heart. Instead, it follows a skilled assassin reborn in the body of a disfigured girl.

The fact that a woman is at the helm refreshes what is a typical revenge story. Those looking for combat won’t be disappointed either, as she is more than a little ruthless to her enemies, sometimes killing entire families in revenge.

14 Oh! Holy! It is based on the chemistry of its two conductors.

Oh!  Holy!  manhwa

Oh! Holy he is a manhwa who does not try to break new ground. Follow the cliche story of the shy and lonely boy who falls in love with the most popular girl in school.

The premise is not what makes the story so great. They are the characters. The chemistry between Jamie and Holy is perfect, they both feel like real people instead of cardboard cutouts. Jamie is adorable as the shy boy, and Holy is one of the funniest female leads in manhwa history.

13 Girls Of The Wild is full of strong female characters

girls from the wild manhwa characters

Nature girls focuses on Jaegu Song, who enrolls in an all-girls school renowned for its martial arts prowess, and Ingui Yoon, the distant queen of the school. Their relationship together drives most of the story, and she is far from a damsel in distress.

She is the reigning champion who can show her physical prowess on more than one occasion. The same can be said for many of the predominantly female characters.

12 Delivery Knight is a darker story than most manhwa

delivery manhwa knight

The premise of Delivery knight is similar to Death stranded because they are some of the few people willing to face the devastation that is sweeping over most of the world.

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In the manhwa, pollution has devastated most of the world, leaving the delivery knights to carry the packages to the people. It might not sound like the most exciting premise, but the story works well and touches on a very dark theme. Sawol is also an excellent main character.

eleven Kubera is a slow recording that focuses on the vast tradition of the world

Steal gossip

For those looking for an action-packed series that moves at a fast pace, Because It is not the series for you. It takes your time, sometimes too much, to tell your story. Everything is slow, from character development to strengthening your character set.

It makes those moments more meaningful, particularly with Kubera, a woman by the name of a god who is drawn into a world of magic and gods. The tradition itself is intense, the world always feels like it’s alive.

10 Surviving as the hero’s wife is an interesting take on the Isekai formula

On Survive as the hero’s wife, Canaria is a young woman who is reincarnated as the wife of a fictional hero; the twist is that she is also the antagonist of the series. She has to find a way to stay safe while falling in love with her husband.

With the threat of murder always looming over her, Canaria must win over her husband and face her fear. It’s an interesting variation on the isekai formula.

9 Madame Giselle’s blood follows a woman who breaks free from an abusive marriage

Mrs. Giselle’s blood is a story about a woman trapped in an abusive marriage. Despite the situation, she keeps her spirit strong and disobeys her husband’s orders, leading her to find a child who can change her life. This is because the young man turns out to be a vampire.

The relationship with the immortal helps fuel Giselle’s spirit as she seeks to take control of her life.

8 Yoon Ah-ee Overcomes Poverty and Follows Her Dream in Annarasumanara

These are Yun Ai and Lee from Annarasumanara at a carnival.

Yoon Ah-ee is a young woman who has had to deal with living in poverty since she was young. Despite this, he has a fascination for the supernatural and dreams of learning to do real magic. She rejects the idea that only college can give her a good life and sets out to track down a legendary wizard.

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According to fate, Yoon finds the magician and his fate slowly begins to change.

7 Friendly Winter Shows Two Characters Learning To Cope With Their Disabilities

The friendly winter is the moving story of a young woman living with a disability. Da-Jeong Han never finished growing up and her body looks like that of a little girl. During a cold winter, he meets a seventeen-year-old boy with the mind of a child.

The two grow up together and learn to cope with their disabilities as their friendship grows. This life manhwa also delves into some serious topics.

6 A good day to be a dog is a strange tale about a woman who turns into a dog when she kisses someone

Hana confesses her feelings to Seon Jin and wants to kiss him.

Han Hana is a cursed teacher with the ability to turn into a dog. She will change every time she kisses a man, so hiding this secret has become a priority in her life until a night of drunkenness with the person she likes. Unfortunately for her, the man she kisses is not that fond of dogs.

The only way to fix his curse is to kiss him again, but what should she do when he’s terrified of her other form?

5 Savage Garden focuses on the dark world of the nobility

Gabriel is a young girl who was orphaned at a young age and, after a strange turn of events, ends up living as a child in an elite boys’ school. Gabriel must do everything possible to integrate and live her new life without being discovered by those around her.

The manhwa focuses on the dark world of the nobles and is full of drama and even romance. With a gripping story and magnificent art, wild garden It is a must read.

4 Knight Run is perfect for those looking for a heavy action series

If anyone is looking for a more action-based story then they should jump to Knight Run. The series revolves around Pray Meyer, the most powerful knight in the world with a history of slaughter of beasts and complicated murders, and Anne Meyer.

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Pray is considered a threat to humanity and is a powerhouse that will remind readers of the heroes of Shonen Jump. The story is complex and a lot of attention is paid to Anne and Pray’s relationship.

3 My beautiful world focuses on Yurim’s growth as he learns to deal with the gift of seeing the dark emotions of humans.

Yurim Lee is a young woman with the ability to see dark emotions in humans. You can see who is burdened by depression or dark thoughts. The story begins with Yurim keeping his distance from other humans, but it really begins when he makes his first friend and begins to grow as a person.

Yurim has a unique gift that he must learn to manage and use to his advantage.

two The reason why Raeliana ended up at the duke’s mansion is for fans of Isekai and complicated love stories

On The reason why Raeliana ended up at the duke’s mansion, Eunha was killed by her husband and reincarnated in her favorite story as a dying supporting character. Now the young woman must find a way to prevent her new fiancé from killing her while mocking the cruel world into which she was reborn.

For those who love the idea of ​​isekai and complicated love stories, this is a perfect option for them.

1 Saver is a classic Isekai story about a hero who is taken to another world to save the day.

Lena Ha is extremely skilled in Kendo and known for being a strong woman. Sadly, he falls into another world and soon learns that he is the hero he needs. This is the classic story of a chosen hero who is dragged to another kingdom to save him.

A great series of adventures with a heroine, Saver is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for an accessible and fascinating manhwa.

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