Falcon and Winter Soldier revealed that it’s not worth being an Avenger in the MCU, but the situation in the comics is even worse for heroes.

Fans have seen that being a Avenger it doesn’t pay in the MCU, and the heroes need to find other ways to support themselves financially, but is it the same in the comics? On Avengers: Age of UltronTony Stark joked that he is not the boss. “I only pay for everything” I observe, “design everything, and make everyone look cooler. “ Stark may have paid for the team, but he apparently couldn’t come up with a generous salary for saving the world.

Hawk and winter soldier revealed that the Avengers did not have a formal salary for being on the team. When a bank employee asks, “Is there some kind of fund for heroes? Or did Stark pay you when he was around?“Sam responds that it didn’t work out that way, and the Avengers depended on.”an enormous amount of goodwill.“Despite saving the world multiple times, it’s the MCU canon that heroes fight to make money in movies, but in decades-long comic book lore, things are even more complicated.

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The first hurdle to answering this question in the comics is that there have been numerous iterations of the Avengers, funded in different ways. On occasion, the Avengers have worked for the US government, which likely means that team members cashed government paychecks, and the Avengers are currently in charge of Black Panther, meaning that Wakanda may pay them. At other times, however, they have been a private organization funded by Tony Stark. During the celebrated party of Kurt Busiek and George Perez Avengers Marvel revealed that the Maria Stark Foundation supported the Avengers financially, settling lawsuits and paying for property damage. This led to a funny story in Avengers # 56 (titled ‘There He Will Come … An Accounting!’) in which the Foundation attempted to investigate the Avengers’ latest mission to justify the expense. Captain America was the only one who followed due process, unsurprisingly, and they had real issues with the US agent, but even this story doesn’t confirm that the members receive payment for their service.

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Avengers Thor Money

Spider-Man decided not to push to join the Fantastic Four when he found out they don’t pay, but at one point he was delighted to join the Avengers when Stark told him “We have money.“Unfortunately, the poorest Avenger probably never got paid, since 2011 New Avengers # 7 showed that he is unwilling to reveal the name to put on his paychecks. This example serves to illustrate how difficult it must be to pay off the superheroes in the first place, given that some of them would actually have a hard time opening bank accounts. Imagine interdimensional titanic hero Moondragon faced with the simple “nationality” question on the application form, or Vision trying to argue that he doesn’t want a child’s account given the date of birth he wrote down.

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What’s more, given the fluid relationship most Avengers have with death, how many times would their accounts go in succession only to be suddenly reactivated? Banks would literally need separate departments to deal with superhero accounts, with enhanced security measures to check for shapeshifters, alternate dimension doppelgangers, and time travelers. While it is suggested that the occasional wealthy benefactor has temporarily forked for team members in need, the Avengers as a team do not appear to have any kind of constant salary, although strangely this is combined with extensive mechanisms to ensure damage is caused during your missions, and costs incurred by anyone else, are covered. Whether in the comics or the MCU, the Avengers they are heroes above all else, putting even the financial well-being of civilians before their own.

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