Pierce Brosnan is set to play Doctor Fate in Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming DC Comics movie Black Adam, and dons a mo-cap suit for the role.

Pierce Brosnan has revealed that his role as Doctor Fate in the upcoming DC movie, Black adam, requires you to wear a mo-cap outfit. Earlier this year, it was announced that Brosnan would be taking on the role of Doctor Fate. The character was confirmed to appear in the Dwayne Johnson movie at DC FanDome last August. Filming has finally started with Black adam, which has been a long-standing project since Johnson was first announced as the star of the film in 2014.

Black adam is run by Jaume Collet-Serra, whose next film, Jungle cruise, also stars Johnson. Aside from Brosnan and Johnson, the cast includes Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. The plot is still under wraps, but Black Adam is Shazam’s nemesis, so a link to the upcoming DC sequel, Shazam! Fury of the gods, it is almost a certainty. Since Black Adam is the star of the movie, it is likely that it establishes the character as the antihero with a complicated backstory that comic book fans have come to know.

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In a video for People (tweeted by Black Adam News), Brosnan is talking to his son and leaves some details about the filming. Black adam. He talked about the long schedule for such a large production, and both he and his son commented that they were excited to see the finished film. Brosnan’s son later said he was excited to see the character’s costume, prompting Brosnan to agree, as he has been performing in a motion capture suit. Brosnan said: “I have to put on the motion capture suit, which is an acting challenge in and of itself, but luckily I was raised in the theater so I know how to put on tights.” Look the following video:

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With large-scale productions such as Black adam, motion capture suits, green screen and CGI are expected parts of the process. Over the years, especially with comic book-based superhero movies, motion capture suits have appeared repeatedly to help bring the characters to life. Marvel has used them for years with great success. A great example is whenever you see Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man armor when it is likely to be a motion capture suit with minimal pieces of actual armor. Other movies, like Ryan Reynold’s Green LanternHe also used this technique, but with a much less favorable result as the end results looked cartoonish. Doctor Fate’s costume could easily benefit from CGI, as he generally wears an ornate headpiece and flowing cape.

As Brosnan said, he’s not sure what the final costume will look like, but with the advantages of CGI and motion capture, animators can alter the details and even generate numerous versions of the costume before landing on what they will eventually do in the movie. finished movie. Most comic book movies in recent years have worked to try and stay true to the original look of the characters with changes for the sake of practicality or even story. With costumes seen in recent DC movies like Aquaman Y Wonder Woman 1984, audiences can get a sense of how comical Doctor Fate’s final costume can be. Still, only the first images will reveal the intentions of the production. Audiences will be able to see Brosnan’s Doctor Fate in action in his fully rendered costume when Black adam hits theaters next year.

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Fountain: People (tweeted by Black Adam News)

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