Disney is known for creating villains that resonate with audiences and become very popular. Despite the fact that they have immense character flaws and make the lives of heroes that much more difficult. Cruella de Vil is an excellent example of a villain whose eccentric demeanor and personality made her impossible to miss. As such, it has been depicted in movies and television several times. It helps that Cruella has a very different look, as well as hobbies, which mostly include collecting fur from Dalmatian puppies.

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Since Cruella is such a popular Disney character, her fans easily notice when the way she is portrayed doesn’t live up to the standards they uphold. However, many of the depictions of Cruella in movies and on television are counted among the best, as they paint the villain Cruella in a way that makes it impossible not to be involved in her actions.

10 Cruella from the animated series

Cruella as she appears in 101 Dalmatians the series

Cruella not only played a major role in the movies, but also appeared in 101 dalmatians: the series. However, those fans of the villain character who were looking for his typical portrayal would be disappointed.

This Cruella was much more realistic, even though she still showed zero patience when things didn’t go her way or people didn’t behave her way. She also didn’t wear fur and was obsessed with making as much money as possible, regardless of whether her plans included Dalmatians or not.

9 The Cruella from the Sequel book

Cruella as she appears in the books

Cruella appeared in several books, but the first sequel to the novel came out in 1967. In this version, Cruella is still an evil and bitter woman, but she no longer mercilessly hunts down Dalmatians to get her skin.

Instead, he tries to restore her lost fortune and do what is best for her. While it’s far from comprehensive, the sequel offers a unique way of looking at your character.

8 Cruella in her own origin story book

Cruella in the Evil Thing book

Emma Stone’s Cruella isn’t the only one who got the chance to tell her origin story. Cruella who appeared in the book Evil Thing: A Tale of That De Vil Woman Serena Valentino did the same. Readers were able to learn more about Cruella’s childhood, which was not happy since her father died and Cruella’s mother barely paid attention to it.

In this version, Anita is also friends with Cruella, but their paths later parted ways when Cruella tried to steal Anita’s Dalmatian puppies. In her effort to get revenge, Cruella goes insane, but before that happens, it’s intriguing for readers to find out what Cruella was like.

7 Cruella audio

Patricia Hodge voiced Cruell

Since Cruella and the 101 Dalmatians story is so popular, it appeared in various forms in the media. One of the lesser known is the audio version. However, fans of the story should not miss out as it gives them the unique opportunity to listen to many songs.

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The audio version came out in 1996, Patricia Hodge voiced Cruella and her character looks pretty much the way she is described in the original book from the 1950s.

6 Cruella in the simpsons

Mr. Burns acts as Cruella in the episode Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

The Simpsons excel at making fun of popular fictional characters by offering your own version of them. Cruella also got a chance to shine on the show, except it was Mr. Burns who acted like her. In the episode Two dozen and one greyhoundsMr. Burns steals the Simpsons puppies to turn them into a tuxedo.

Considering that Mr. Burns is just as evil as Cruella, it’s fun to see his version of the famous character. In addition, the public receives an excellent musical number of Mr. Burns.

5 Cruella from once upon a time

The TV show Once upon a time He managed to portray many famous fairy tale characters in a different way and Cruella was one of them. In a wonderfully re-imagined world, Cruella was not a fashion icon but an evil witch who had the power to control animals. What remained the same was that he turned the animals into clothes.

Thanks to the performance of Victoria Smurfit, those interested in a different, but still familiar version of Cruella shouldn’t miss the fourth and fifth seasons of the Cruella-featured show.

4 The young cruella

Cruella burns her white cape and reveals her red dress

With the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploring Cruella’s origin story, the opportunity also arose to introduce the iconic character in a whole new way. Emma Stone’s Cruella has evil tendencies, but they are very well explained thanks to her uneasy past and her biological link to the evil baroness who happens to be her mother.

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Either way, Emma Stone’s Estella / Cruella is refreshingly funny, smart, and relentless, so even when her original plan doesn’t work, she comes up with another. More importantly, she is not obsessed with killing puppies and getting their fur, although fashion is very important to her.

3 Glenn Close as Cruella

cruella glenn close sequel

Before Emma Stone appeared, Glenn Close was known for playing Cruella in the first live-action movie of 1996. 101 Dalmatiansand the sequel 102 dalmatians from 2002. Although older than Stone’s version, both depictions of Cruella have a lot in common. They also work in a fashion house.

Cruella is then pompous and quick to take offense and plan revenge, but also devilishly intelligent and dangerous. Glenn Close’s charm and talents made this live version of Cruella a hit even though the film itself was not as highly rated as previous animated films on the same subject.

two The first animated Cruella

Cruella as she appears in 101 and 1 Dalmatians

Although the film is not as well known as it used to be, the original animated film One hundred and one dalmatians The 1961 film set an example that many newer films followed. Thanks to Cruella’s voice actress Betty Lou Gerson and her animator Marc Davis, the iconic version of Cruella was created with her typical gestures. Unlike the book version of Cruella, which was nonchalant and didn’t show much of her emotions, this Cruella was much more unhinged, expressive, in other words, fun to watch.

Cruella decides to steal the puppies from her friend Anita (who also appeared in the last movie) after Anita refuses to sell them to her. He hires two thugs to do it, Jasper and Horace, but despite all his efforts and cunning, Cruella fails to carry out his plan.

1 The Original Cruella

101 and one dalmatians as book

Of course, there would be no Cruella in film and on television if it weren’t for the book where she first appeared. It happened in the novel The one hundred and one dalmatians which came out in 1956. In the original version of the story, Cruella is a wealthy and cunning London heiress who steals the Dalmatians from Mrs. Dearly, her former classmate.

She is married to a man who makes furs, but the marriage is far from happy, as Cruella controls her husband and does not truly love him. In the end, his evil deeds turn against him and Cruella is forced to flee. In the children’s book, Cruella acts as a clear antagonist and is truly terrifying and ruthless, with no respect for people’s feelings or the lives of animals.

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