Difficulty is always a hot topic when FromSoftware releases a new game, but Elden Ring has found a solution that doesn’t require an easier difficulty.

Difficulty is always a topic of discussion every time a new FromSoftware game comes out, and Elden Ring is no different. The Japanese developer has built a reputation for heartbreaking games, creating enemies and bosses that require players to fail to learn. Marketing for Dark souls leaned heavily on this notion with his “Prepare to die“The mantra that has permeated FromSoftware releases ever since. Fans of FromSoftware games will defend the notorious difficulties vehemently, while some see no reason for the experiences to be so punishing and unapproachable.

It is a difficult subject to tackle because there is an argument in favor of both parties. Accessibility in games is more important now than ever. There is a big push for games to be inclusive so that everyone can enjoy the hobby. The Last of Us Part IIAccessibility was praised for its incredible number of options, and it even won the first ever Accessibility Innovation Award at The Game Awards. However, the relentless nature of FromSoftware games like Elden Ring it is part of the identity of the game. Adding an easier difficulty is not the answer, because that can fundamentally change the desired experience.

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It seems that every time a new FromSoftware game is released, a discussion begins about the need for an easy mode. Elden Ring is set up to allow more freedom to the player than any of its predecessors, and its open world design combined with some new gameplay features provide an ingenious solution to the difficulty problem. Frontlinetranslation of an interview Elden Ring that director Hidetaka Miyazaki did with Famitsu sheds some light on how Elden Ring it will be more accessible without compromising the difficult game design.

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Optional Elden Ring bosses and spirits will provide accessibility

Elden Ring Gameplay Reveal Trailer Summon Multiplayer

Perhaps the biggest selling point for Elden Ring so far it has been their open world. It will provide unprecedented scale to the FromSoftware trademark formula, but will also allow those struggling a more agile route to the finish line. Miyazaki told Famitsu that Elden Ring actually, you have relatively few bosses required to finish the game. Part of giving players the freedom to explore in Elden Ring he was ensuring that progress is not limited by struggles that might prove too difficult. Elden Ring It is confirmed to have six main areas that can be explored in any order, and it appears that most bosses will have to be searched, meaning that players having a difficult time can simply ignore some of the tougher fights.

The bosses needed will probably be difficult, but Elden Ring It will also provide gamers with a solution for that, an evolution of previous game features designed to ease the difficulty. In previous titles, both players and ghost NPCs could be summoned to cooperate. This same system comes in the form of spirits to Elden RingMultiplayer and NPC variants seem to be more accessible. Miyazaki describes them almost as an item that needs to be equipped and even upgraded like weapons and armor. Players will be able to collect spirits from defeated enemies and can summon them at specific locations.

FromSoftware games have always tried to take a “tough but fair“approach to difficulty, which means that the solution for struggling players is often to give them more tools. For many, the cooperative system is often the key to beating difficult bosses in FromSoftware games, and Elden Ring seems to be giving players more options than ever to deal with this.

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