The Legend Of Zelda Happy Mask Salesman cosplayer has an impressive collection of masks, including the spooky Puppet of Five Night’s At Freddy’s.

Looks like the happy mask salesman from the The legend of Zelda The series has expanded its collection thanks to some fun cosplay, with some additions that are a bit more disturbing than others. This happy but haunting merchant has made numerous appearances throughout Nintendo’s long-running action adventure franchise, the most prominent by far being in the 2000s. majora mask, a direct sequel to the legendary Ocarina of time in 1998.

During that particular The legend of Zelda title, the Happy Mask Vendor had the unfortunate honor of discovering the titular mask, a powerful and dangerous relic, among his many products, only to be stolen by the mischievous Skull Kid, who in turn was corrupted by the dark power of the mask. This sequence starts the game’s plot, in which Link races against time to prevent the moon from crashing into the city of Termina. Apart from this prominent appearance, he also appeared in Ocarina of time Y Oracle of the ages, where he has given Link’s heroic side quests and trusty skins to wear throughout his many travels, but his most recent action is sure to surprise some.

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Earlier today Reddit user hereSlip986 posted a couple of photos of his clever Happy Mask Salesman cosplay on the r / Games subreddit, showing a fun twist on the character. The masks on his back are from several different video games, such as the tribal masks from Crash Bandicoot, a clown mask of Payday, Death mask of Dark sides 2, and even the fearsome Darth Nihilus mask from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. But hidden among everyone else is Puppet’s mask from the indie horror series. Five nights at Freddy’s.

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Long-lasting fans FNAF The franchise will recognize Puppet as a recurring antagonist, making his first appearance in 2014. Five nights at Freddy’s 2. The creepy character has since expanded upon, with his last appearance focusing on virtual reality. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted in 2019. Until now, the series will continue with the release of Five nights at Freddy’s security breach later this year, despite recent political controversies surrounding now-retired franchise creator Scott Cawthon.

U / hereSlip986’s Happy Mask Salesman cosplay is certainly impressive, and digging through the various masks that appear on the character’s back yields a lot of fun references. It is unclear what the in-universe story could be regarding how the seller of The legend of Zelda fame was able to obtain all those masks, but it is unlikely that his quest to acquire that of Five nights at Freddy’s Puppet was nice in a way.

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Fountain: u / hereSlip986

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