Jersey Shore fans spent their weekend speculating that Ronnie had proposed to his girlfriend Saffire. Now, the rumors have been confirmed by Ronnie.

Star of The Jersey Shore Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has confirmed recent rumors of an engagement to his girlfriend Saffire Matos. Fans have been speculating that Ronnie proposed to Saffire over the weekend; however, they still weren’t sure if the rumors were true. Now, Ronnie has confirmed that he and Saffire are engaged with a photo shared on Instagram.

Ronnie and Saffire have had a difficult relationship for the last year. The couple began dating around February 2020. At first, their relationship was perceived as much happier and healthier than Ronnie’s in the past. The perception quickly took a turn when Ronnie returned to his old ways. In April, Ronnie was arrested on domestic violence allegations involving Saffire. He was later released on a $ 100,000 bond. The couple remained together despite the recent incident.

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Despite all the drama that has taken place over the past two months, Ronnie and Saffire are taking their relationship to the next level. Ronnie took Instagram on Monday to confirm rumors that he proposed to Saffire over the weekend. In the photo, rose petals and a bottle of champagne sitting on the beach in front of white letters that read “Marry me.“Saffire had her back to the camera as she held Ronnie’s hand, showing her new glow. In the caption, Ronnie shared his love and gratitude for his now fiancée. He wrote:”Thank you for standing by my side through thick and thin! Until death do us part!“Ronnie concluded the caption with the hashtag”#She said yes. “The ability to comment on the post has been disabled, it will most likely prevent hate comments. Saffire then shared the photo with him. Instagram, explaining that she is “full of happiness” Y “completely shocked.

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When rumors about Ronnie’s possible proposal began to circulate, many fans assumed that Saffire was pregnant, possibly accelerating the engagement. While this has not been confirmed or denied, a fan noted that the champagne was not alcoholic, which only added to the claims. Ironically, the couple’s engagement occurred on the same day that Ronnie’s ex and her baby, Jen Harley, were arrested for domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon. Some suspect that rumors of Ronnie’s engagement angered Jen, which ultimately led to her incident. Their shared daughter, Arianna Sky, was allegedly with Jen at the time of her arrest. However, Arianna was seen spending Father’s Day with Ronnie and Saffire at Disneyland on Sunday.

At the time of writing, none of Ronnie’s exes The Jersey Shore his co-stars have publicly congratulated him on his engagement. Following Ronnie’s departure from the show, it was revealed that many of the cast members had admitted that they no longer felt comfortable filming with him. It is unknown if Ronnie is still in contact with any of the roommates. Given that Ronnie has walked away from filming the show, their wedding will most likely be private and off-camera.

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