Legacies season 3 needs to kill Hope Mikaelson so the show’s heroine can access the vampire element of her Tribrid powers and defeat Malivore.

Dear heroine of the series or not, Hope Mikaelson needs to die in the Legacies end of season 3 so that the character can reach his full potential in terms of power. Debuting at the end of 2018, Legacies is a derivative of The originals, which is itself a spinoff of the CW success of the 2000s The vampire diaries. Like its predecessors, Legacies Mix teen drama with elements of supernatural horror to create a fast-paced paranormal soap opera.

However, unlike The vampire diaries Y The originals, Legacies He has a camp sense of humor that helps keep the show upbeat. This vital addition has kept fans from being frustrated by the limited range of Legacies‘approach to the plot. Where your predecessors developed their support models, Legacies He has largely wasted his surroundings at the potentially interesting Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted by primarily focusing on just two students, Landon Kirby and Hope Mikaleson.

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Landon and Hope’s on-and-off love story has been seen Legacies‘heroine saved her love interest countless times in what was once a refreshing reversal of the damsel-in-distress trope. However, Hope hasn’t always been able to save Landon, who is part Phoenix / part Malivora, from death and doom, and her love interest has (temporarily) died twice in the series thus far. The formula has gotten a bit predictable, which is part of why Hope should die in the season 3 finale. Legacies She has spent some time hinting at the fact that in order to defeat Malivore, Hope has to become Tribrid (a hybrid witch, a werewolf, and a vampire). However, while this is her character’s destiny, to achieve these powers, Hope would need to fully embrace becoming the Tribrid above all else, which means she must die.

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Hope Landon Legacies

Becoming a Tribrid means dying to access the vampire side of her powers, something Hope understandably doesn’t want to do. However, while his avoidance of transformation is fair, eventual change is what the whole of Legacies‘Three seasons have been leading up to. Legacies may not be as popular as The vampire diaries Y The originalsBut adding these kinds of tragic bets to the show’s story could make the second spinoff feel like a knockoff of its predecessors. Also, Hope learning how to deal with being a Tribrid (and activating her vampire side) would be a great arc to keep the story fresh in Legacies season 4.

Legacies So far she hasn’t been able to bring back the magic of her predecessors for many fans, but killing Hope and bringing her back as Tribrid could make the heroine a stronger and more powerful protagonist and, as a result, rekindle interest in the series. With Hope learning the ropes of vampire life (or undeath, rather) as she tackles the responsibilities and powers of the Tribrid, Legacies Season 4 could make the show a darker and more exciting prospect for fans. Legacies He already avoided his most persistent mistake by empowering Landon in season 3, making season 4 a perfect opportunity for the series to develop Hope’s character.

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