Disney + Loki has revealed that the Evil Loki variant is Lady Loki. However, some mystery remains, with some clues pointing to a theory that this Loki is actually the Sorceress. Comic book fans know that Enchantress is one of the most important villains associated with Loki and Thor from Marvel Comics.

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While fans are waiting to see what the truth behind Lady Loki is in the series, the original comics could provide some insight into her identity. With a rich history dating back to the beginning of the Marvel Universe, there is much to learn about the Asgardian sorceress.

10 Envious of Jane Foster

Enchantress conspires against Marvel Comics' Jane Foster

The Enchantress enters the scene very early in the Marvel Universe, debuting in Journey into mystery # 103 in April 1964. She wreaks havoc on the romance between Jane Foster and Thor, who is on Earth in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake.

The Enchantress, also known as Amora, actually interferes in the romance on behalf of Odin. Odin is not very interested in Thor’s interest in human women, but Amora fails to convince him. He would come back again and again to be a problem for the God of Thunder.

9 Extraordinary power

The Enchantress is one of the most powerful wizards in Marvel Comics. While she is no match for Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, she is a serious threat with a lot of power. In addition to the natural superhuman strength and stamina that being an Asgardian gives her, Amora is also extremely adept at mind control.

This telepathic influence is his main means of attack, but not the only one. He can also teleport, levitate, and cast illusions. At various points, he has even been able to manipulate time and matter.

8 Part of the masters of evil

Shortly after their debut, Enchantress joined Masters of Evil, the group of supervillains led by Baron Zemo. The team faces the Avengers in early Avengers run, at number 7 and then again at numbers 9 and 10.

Amora uses her magical powers to trick Thor into attacking the Avengers. The Masters Of Evil connection has intriguing implications for the MCU, as several of its members are now in the franchise or soon will be.

7 In league with Immortus

Another intriguing MCU connection, especially in light of the direction of the Loki series, is The Sorceress’s relationship with Immortus. Immortus is one of the most important temporal variants of the time-traveling supervillain Kang The Conqueror, appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania.

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Immortus enters the scene after attempting to join Masters Of Evil. Baron Zemo challenges to defeat an Avenger first, but ultimately fails. Amora goes back in time to prevent the attack from happening, revealing just how powerful she really is.

6 Rival of the Scarlet Witch

Sorceress fighting the Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics

If The Enchantress has a true nemesis outside of Thor, it’s probably the Scarlet Witch. The two clashed on numerous occasions in the late 1960s when Amora took on the Avengers. The Sorceress found Wanda unusually capable of matching her in terms of power and also capable of undoing her spells.

This enraged Amora, who thought that the Scarlet Witch was just a mutant. He had no way of knowing that Wanda is actually a Nexus Being and capable of extraordinary acts thanks to her skill in the dark art of Chaos Magic.

5 The Lady Liberators

Medusa and the Lady Liberators in Avengers 83

Enchantress was once a superhero, in a way. She posed as Valkyrie for a period of time, and later joined the female superhero team Lady Liberators. The team joins in Avengers # 83 and is actually the first appearance of Valkyrie, although it is later recognized again that it had been Amora the entire time.

The team included some of the most powerful women in Marvel Comics then and now, including Scarlet Witch, Medusa, The Wasp, and Black Widow. Another version of the team was later formed under She-Hulk.

4 Relationship with Skurge

Skurge-Executioner and Enchantress Marvel

The Enchantress has longstanding relationships in the comics with both Thor and Loki, but one thing comic book fans will only know is his strong connection to Skurge The Executioner. Skurge, who appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, first contact her at Avengers Annual # 1.

He then becomes a constant companion in his various plans to conquer the world. Although he falls in love with her, the feelings are not mutual. He gives his life in the comics as much as he does in the movie, sacrificing himself for other Asgardians. In the comics, this still leaves her heartbroken.

3 Acts of Vengeance

Loki Acts of Vengeance Marvel Crossover

The Sorceress does not mourn for long. In the early 90s, he joined forces with several of Marvel Comics’ greatest supervillains during the Acts of Vengeance Cross. Loki assembles a roster of star villains including Magneto and Red Skull to take down the Avengers once and for all.

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For her part, Amora faces Doctor Strange along with a new version of Skurge The Executioner, but is defeated by another important sorceress, Clea.

two A new version

Sorceress Sylvie Wiccan

Some clues seem to point that Lady Loki’s real name in the Loki the series is Sylvie. If this is true, then it could be the strongest indicator that Lady Loki is indeed The Sorceress. At least the second version of it.

Sylvie Lushton makes her debut in Dark Reign: Young Avengers # 1 in July 2009, when he was a teenager who is granted mystical powers by Loki. Although he believes she is a native of Asgard living in exile on Earth, this is later revealed to be a trick on Loki’s part. She is a human endowed with magical powers.

1 Joining the Young Avengers

Wiccan changes the appearance of the young Avengers and Magneto

Unaware that she is a pawn in Loki’s grand plans, she attempts to join the Young Avengers. She doesn’t make it in the first cut, so she uses her powers to trick them into leaving her on the team. They eventually realize that she is a Loki plant and kick her out of the team.

Although the circumstances are clearly different in the MCU, there is a possibility that Sylvie will end up connected to the team again. With the introduction of various members like The Patriot and Tommy and Billy Maximoff, the Young Avengers appear to be a team that the MCU is being built on.

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Split image of Lady Loki from the Loki series and Marvel Comics

10 things about Lady Loki only comic book fans know

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