Loki is rising through the ranks of MCU shows like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier to become the most popular Marvel show on Disney +.

Only two weeks after its premiere, Loki It is fast becoming the most popular show on the MCU and Disney +. Marvel entered the streaming realm earlier this year with great success. WandaVision, a riff from the MCU formula that saw Scarlet Witch and Vision enter the world of sitcoms. That series debuted to critical acclaim and an enthusiastic response from the fandom thanks to its groundbreaking storytelling. Similary, Falcon and the Winter Soldier released shortly after, surpassing WandaVisionpremiere numbers and another milestone for the Marvel streaming series.

Still, no one is a match for the God of Mischief. Loki is currently the most acclaimed Disney + series with the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any Disney + Marvel series and, just two weeks later, fans are rabidly theorizing about what kind of impact. Loki could have in the rest of the MCU. Further, Loki it was already tracking to be more popular than the previous two series. While streamers are keeping quiet about their series’ performance, third-party trackers can provide insight into how well they’re doing, and unsurprisingly, Loki It is surpassing them all.

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In a new report from Forbes using a Parrot Analytics chart, it was revealed that Loki has passed WandaVision Y Falcon and the Winter Soldier in popularity due to a number of factors. Interest skyrocketed over the previous two Marvel series during Lokiopening week and looks set to continue that trend for its next four episodes. Similary, Loki It is rated higher on IMDB than the previous two series, indicating an investment in audience that is higher than the other MCU series.

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President Loki

No wonder Loki it is performing very well. Tom Hiddleston’s character has long been a fan favorite thanks to his mischievous charm and ability to outsmart his brother, Thor, while still having a sense of humanity. Fortunately, Loki all about the humanity of its titular character. The first episode of the series spent some time analyzing who Loki is, going through some major events in the MCU to find out what makes Loki tic.

With only four episodes remaining, everything should be uphill from here. After Lady Loki’s bombardment of the sacred timeline in episode 2 and Loki’s subsequent escape from the TVA, anything could happen. Fortunately, reports indicate that this will not be the last time we see Loki, with a season 2 supposedly already in the works. When that could happen may be one of the greatest mysteries of all, but thankfully the God of Mischief’s journey is not over yet.

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Source: Parrot Analytics / IMDB (via Forbes)

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