One piece is a series known for its explosive battles and heavily offensive-based characters. Big Mom, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Whitebeard and others can deliver powerful blows, their attacks capable of literally demolishing landscapes and reshaping the world.

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With such powerful attackers, it only makes sense that there are characters who can take these hits and fight back. These defensive characters play an important role in One piece– Keeping the powerful in check and making fights even more tense as audiences try to guess whether power or resistance will win the day.

10 Tony-Tony Chopper strategizes and defends

A fantastic medic on the field, Chopper takes his time when fighting a tough opponent. Their main strategy is usually simply to last long enough in battle to find the opponent’s weakness and then exploit it for a quick and devastating ending. His form of defense, where he transforms into a large hairball, is excellent at deflecting attacks, similar to Luffy’s Bubble Gum Balloon, with elasticity exchanged for resistance. Since his monster form became easily controllable, his tactics have changed a bit, but Chopper remains one of the most tactical fighters in the world. One piece.

9 Gecko Moria wears a shield of zombie minions

Unlike most of the characters in One piece, Moria leaves the fight to others as he sits comfortably off to the side. Fortunately for him, his Shadow-Shadow Fruit powers are perfect for this, giving him the ability to breed zombies to do his bidding. Moria needs to steal a living person’s shadow for this, but her deception makes this simple most of the time. Even when he goes into combat himself, he often does so as a commander. During the fight between him and Luffy, Moria piloted Oars’s giant zombie for most of the fight.

8 Garp The Fist wields the toughest Haki weaponry

While Garp is not lacking in offensive prowess, his toughness is simply astonishing. He has the toughest Haki weaponry of all One piece, not a feat considering the defensive capabilities of the series stronger characters.

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His fist has never really been defeated by another weapon, hence his nickname. Many fans are hoping to see Garp in action again soon as he truly is a force to be reckoned with.

7 Franky’s cyborg body deflects most attacks

General Franky- One Piece

Equipped with unmatched gadgets and technology, the Straw Hat Pirate Carpenter Franky’s most notable characteristic is not his body’s offense, but his defense. Aside from his back and brain, Franky is made entirely of metal, making him nearly impervious to most attacks that target his forehead. This includes bullets, cannonballs, and Haki attacks if their user is not a big shot. He was even able to survive the titanic explosion that he unleashed himself in one of Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratories (although it did spoil his face a bit).

6 Cesar Clown attacks from a distance

Caesar Clown One Piece Gas Gas Fruit Punk Hazard

Another pirate who prefers others to do his dirty work for him, Caesar’s defense comes from a combination of his deceptions and his evasive ability. When he found himself on Punk Hazard, Caesar had a horde of altered humans, abominations, and regular troops fight and work for him. After he couldn’t hide behind them any longer, he turned to his Gas-Gas Fruit, which is similar to Smoker’s Devil Fruit in that it is gaseous and can fly.

Instead of trapping enemies in Smoke, Caesar knocks them out with gas or can suck air out of an area to prevent them from breathing. By doing this, you can either remotely subdue an enemy or simply escape, both decidedly defensive maneuvers.

5 Monkey D. Luffy is a rubber man

Luffy in Gear 4 from One Piece

Luffy’s ability to take a beating is a staple of his character right now. No matter how many times his enemies knock him down, he will always rise up until he is victorious. His defense is greatly enhanced by his Gum-Gum Fruit, which makes him impervious to any attack that is not sharp, elemental in nature, or infused with Haki.

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It also allows you to get out of the way of approaching attacks or return projectiles to the user. Luffy’s sheer tenacity just can’t be beat.

4 Diamond Jozu is almost waterproof

Diamond Jozu at Marineford

Although only seen once during the Marineford War, Diamond Jozu of the Whitebeard Pirates has one of the strongest defensive Devil Fruits in the entire series. As the name suggests, your body can harden into a crystalline substance as hard as diamonds. He can still be defeated by certain elemental attacks, such as when Aokiji froze part of his body when he was distracted. If Jozu used Haki weaponry in battle, he might have been the toughest character in the entire series.

3 Kaido is the toughest man in the world

Nicknamed the “strongest creature” in One piece, Kaido’s offense is backed by unmatched defense. Aside from Kozuki Oden and Garp, Kaido has never suffered a single lasting injury until the Straw Hats’ arrival in Wano. His Dragon-Dragon Fruit gives him the added toughness of dragon scales, and combined with his Armament and Supreme King Haki, dealing a significant blow to Kaido becomes an almost impossible task for even the toughest fighters.

two Pica can become one with any stone

One of Doflamingo’s main officers, Pica has one of the most unique and powerful Devil Fruits the series has ever seen. His stone fruit not only turns his body to stone, but allows him to inhabit and control any amount of stone that he enters. This includes entire villages as seen in the Dressrosa arc.

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While obviously hardening him to rock toughness level, Pica’s ability also gives him a strategic defensive advantage. His enemies must be able to find Pica within his stone if they want to take him out, meaning that only those with extreme offensive ability can reach him before he replaces the lost stone.

1 Bartolomeo the cannibal wields unshakable barriers

Bartolomeo Barrera Dressrosa

The character with the highest defensive ability in the entirety of One piece is without a doubt Luffy’s fanatic, Bartolomeo. Its barrier-barrier fruit allows you to create a seemingly indestructible barrier by crossing your fingers. Having received attacks like King Elizabello’s “King Punch” without weakening at all, the only attack that could plausibly break through Bartolomeo’s defenses would be a top-tier Haki attack from one of the One piece stronger. If the biggest Straw Hat fan were to learn to use Haki on his own, he really could be indestructible.

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